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Emerging Leaders Internship & Council Trainee Representative - Applications Now Open!

AUCD is excited to announce (3) openings for the AUCD Emerging Leaders Internship and (5) openings for Council Trainee Representatives. Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are now open and close on August 4th, 2023.



"Let's Try a Different Way"

Agnes Cole is a recent MN LEND graduate who works at a service provider, runs her own non-profit organization, and who spent much of her fellowship working on a longitudinal study that tracks the living arrangements of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services.

Figure 1. Volunteers at Healthy Hearing Screening stations, SD Special Olympics Summer Games in Spearfish, SD.


South Dakota LEND at Special Olympics Summer Games

South Dakota LEND faculty and alums volunteered for Healthy Hearing Screenings at the South Dakota Special Olympics 2023 Summer Games in Spearfish, SD. Marni Johnson Martin (Interdisciplinary Training and Clinic Director - USD Center for Disabilities), Elizabeth (Liz) K. Hanson (SD LEND Discipline Head for SLP and Research) were joined by former discipline head, Paul Brueggeman (Audiology) and graduated trainees: Carly Johnson (Audiology) and Maya Gogoi (Medicine), along with other volunteers, to screen 90 individuals.



University of Miami, Mailman Center LEND Trainee Receives Grant to Create a Multicultural Library Space for Children at the Linda Ray Intervention Center

University of Miami Mailman Center LEND Trainee, Elena Fernandez, receives the UM Racial Justice grant which she used for her work with the Linda Ray Intervention Center.



MN LEND Graduates Celebrate

This year, 28 fellows have earned full MNLEND certificates, along with seven intermediate trainees who joined the program for a more limited, focused experience. They come from University of Minnesota academic disciplines, including Public Health Administration, Law, Social Work, Psychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Dentistry, and many more; or are community members in disability-related professions, self-advocates, or family advocates.

MN LEND fellow Sanju Koirala (right) and her advisor, Damien Fair.


Harnessing Uniqueness: MNLEND Fellow Leverages Neuroscience Advances to Explore Brain-Behavior Links

A MN LEND fellow searches neuroimaging databases for patterns that could lead to more personalized and effective strategies for regulating emotions, or developing social cognition, among other skills.



Oklahoma LEND Graduate Makes it to the State House

Oklahoma LEND graduate, Ellyn Hefner, class of 2014, is elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Prior to being accepted into the OK LEND program, Ellyn was a strong advocate for her son to ensure he would have the same opportunities as his siblings. She graduated from the Oklahoma Partners in Policymaking class sponsored by the Developmental Disability Council of Oklahoma.



Opening Doors, and Minds

A MN LEND faculty member's massive open online course (MOOC) is a Coursera hit. Wendy Looman's course is about families with young children, and how environmental factors such as housing and nutritious food, influence their outcomes.



UNMC Munroe Meyer Institute LEND Trainees Collaborate with Special Olympics Nebraska

University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) physical therapy students and Munroe Meyer Institute (MMI) LEND trainees partnered with Special Olympics Nebraska for their LEND Community Learning and Leadership project. They were involved with helping Special Olympics Nebraska (SONE) provide a variety of services to the community, their largest being a 6-week Young Athletes Camp hosted at a local elementary school.



Maine LEND Family Games and Sports are Hot on a Cold Day

It was below zero on Saturday, Feb. 4, but no one was cold at the University of New England in Portland, Maine where 59 people played games, engaged in creative crafts, and fully participated in new sports activities as part of the Maine Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Family Game and Sports Day! The events were planned as part of the LEND program to promote family-centered inclusion in the community for people with disabilities.



Collaborating for Mental Health

Website  from http://bit.ly

MN LEND fellow Caroline Roberts is studying self-injury among adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Despite their busy schedules, psychiatrists and behavioral therapists are eager to participate in the research.



2023 EHDI Conference Scholarships for LEND Audiology Trainees

Extended Deadline: March 3rd at 10 AM ET

AUCD is offering scholarships to support LEND audiology trainees in attending the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Annual Conference on March 5-7, 2023. All current LEND audiology trainees, including those in their externship year, are eligible to apply.



South Carolina LEND Trainee Receives Prestigious Genetic Counseling Award

Mr. Scott Dent, a 2nd year genetics counseling masters student and South Carolina LEND trainee has been recognized for excellence in his field.. The Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship Student Research Award is intended to support research in the profession that addresses advances in genetic technology, along with the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of genetics in medicine.



New Article Published on LIFE Framework to Develop Emerging Leaders

A new article was published by Dr. Sharon Milberger and MI-LEND Program colleagues from both Wayne State University and Michigan State University. The article, entitled "Using a LIFE Framework to Develop MCH Leaders", examines the impact that the MI-LEND 'LIFE' framework has on the development of essential competencies identified within the leadership program.



MN LEND Fellow is Removing Barriers for Massachusetts Families

Summary: After completing a master's degree at Harvard University, Julia Anderson (MNLEND 2016-17) is turning her experience in disability policy to a new task: innovating state programs for Massachusetts.

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