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AUCD Policy Fellowship 2021

The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide significant experiences in national level activities related to policy and legislative development, advocacy, program development, technical assistance, and AUCD administration. The Fellowship in Disability Policy is envisioned as a mutually beneficial arrangement between the Fellow, the Fellows community, and the AUCD central office.



AUCD Policy Fellowship 2020

The Policy Fellowship is an opportunity for an advanced network member to live and work in Washington, DC for one year, learning about AUCD, current legislation affecting people with disabilities and their families, and exercising leadership skills. The Fellow's responsibilities will be developed based on the needs of the Association and the interest and experience of the Fellow. Deadline: March 31; start date: September 2014.



Major Disability Organization Urges Senators to 'Do the Right Thing' and Vote for International Disability Rights Treaty

AUCD urges the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to once again move the treaty forward and allow the U.S. to join the other 138 nations that have ratified this important human rights treaty. By ratifying the CRPD, the U.S. will have the opportunity to fully engage with other States Parties who have ratified the treaty to collaborate in the development and implementation of programs and policies to improve the lives of persons living with disabilities across the globe.



Why the U.S. must lead on Disabilities Treaty

A Reuters Blog by Bill Frist

Voting no to this treaty without a specific and compelling reason is saying that we do not think the global community deserves an ADA of their own. U.S. leadership matters. We should be at the table. It is not just Americans who deserve healthcare and protection from discrimination. It is everyone.



National Council on Disability Hears Testimony from Disability Advocates on CRPD

On April 23, 2013 the National Council on Disability heard testimony from the disability rights community regarding their work on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Attendees at the 2012 AUCD Conference pose before boarding buses bound for Capitol Hill, to urge their Senators to ratify the CRPD.


CRPD Advocacy During AUCD 2012

AUCD expresses strong disappointment over the Senate's recent vote against ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The final vote of 61-38 was five votes short of the 2/3 vote needed to ratify.

Senators Lugar and Kerry


CRPD Approved by Senate Foreign Relations Committee

By a vote of 13-6, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The next step is for the full Senate to ratify the Treaty.



AUCD & the Center on Disability Studies Host "Standing Room Only" Side Event at the United Nations Conference of State Parties to the CRPD

With over 500 delegates from civil society and governments, the three day United Nations Fourth Session of the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons (CRPD) held at the United Nations Secretariat generated diplomatic discussions and debate evolving around the conference theme, "Enabling Development, Realizing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities."



President Obama Signs UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Releases Statement on 19th Anniversary of the ADA

The President's signature indicates the country's interest in joining this treaty and begins a process in which the Senate will review and provide advice and consent for ratification.



Significant Gaps Exist Between U.S. Disability Laws and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, New Federal Study Points Out

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