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2023 AUCD Board Elections: Seeking Members for Nominating Committee

To elect Association members to the AUCD Board of Directors, we first need a Nominating Committee which consists of both Board and network members. At least two (2) individuals from the network are currently being sought to serve on this committee. Members of the Nominating Committee are NOT being nominated to serve on the Board, but rather to serve on the committee that reviews the submissions for people to serve on the Board. Individuals can nominate another individual to serve on the Nominating Committee or can self-nominate.



2022-2024 AUCD Emerging Leader Board Member

Position Description and Selection

The AUCD Board of Directors is seeking nominations from the network's Emerging Leader community to fill the newly created Emerging Leader Board Member voting position on the Board. The Emerging Leader Board Member will be a voting member on AUCD's national Board of Directors and serve as a representative of the Association and broader AUCD network. This position will bring the voice and perspective of the AUCD Emerging Leader Community, including but not limited to trainees and early career professionals in the network.



2022 AUCD Board Special Election: Nominations Requested

Deadline: January 28, 2022

AUCD is currently seeking nominations for the Representational Seat on the AUCD Board of Directors.



2020 AUCD Board Elections: Nominations Requested

Deadline: September 11, 2020

AUCD is currently seeking nominations to the AUCD Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning in November 2020.



Welcome Newly Elected Board Members

On behalf of AUCD Nominating Committee Chair, Bruce Keisling, and Board President, Amy Hewitt, AUCD is pleased to announce the newly elected members of the AUCD Board. These new members will begin their three-year term at the AUCD 2019 Conference.



Thank You AUCD Board Leadership

AUCD deeply appreciates the leadership and service of all members of our Board of Directors, and especially those who have completed their terms of service.

AUCD Board of Directors (not pictured: Jack Brandt)


AUCD Welcomes 2017 Board of Directors

AUCD is governed by an elected Board of Directors that includes professionals, individuals with disabilities, and family members. On December 7, 2016, we thanked outgoing Board members for their dedicated service and welcomed the members of the 2017 AUCD Board of Directors.



Mark Your Calendars for AUCD 2016!

December 4-7 in Washington, DC

The AUCD 2016 Conference, "Navigating Change: Building our Future Together," highlights both the change that comes at the end of a Presidential term as well as our need to work together to create a future in which children and adults with disabilities are able to participate fully in all aspects of life as valued members of their communities. Join us to engage in powerful, important, and inspiring personal and professional discourse on December 4-7 in Washington, DC.



AUCD2015: Submit a Proposal Today

Deadline: June 5

AUCD is currently accepting proposals for our 2015 conference. This call for papers includes submissions for concurrent interactive presentations, concurrent panel presentations, single presentations, and posters. Proposals are welcomed on a multitude of topics on all things disability, including but certainly not limited to advocacy, behavior supports, disability studies, employment, health and wellness, leadership development, self-determination, technology, and much more.



AUCD Strategic Map 2014

Comments Welcome Through September 2

The AUCD Strategic Map is intended as a high level view of the vision, focus, and priorities of our organization and network over the next 2-3 years. This map can serve as a guide for our collective work and mission. Your feedback is welcomed through September 2, 2014.

CEDC Chair Amy Sharp (TX) leads discussion at the AUCD 2013 Conference


A New Year - A New Name! Community Education and Dissemination Council

The National Community Education Directors' Council has changed its name to the Community Education and Dissemination Council (CEDC). The name change illustrates the Council is for any network member associated with community education and/or dissemination activities, recognizes dissemination as a core part of Council focus, and shortens the acronym and name.

Members of the 2013-2014 AUCD Board of Directors at the 2013 AUCD Conference in Washington, DC


AUCD Welcomes 2014 Board of Directors

Located in every U.S. state and territory, AUCD members are all part of universities or medical centers. They serve as a bridge between the university and the community, bringing together the resources of both to achieve meaningful change. The Board of Directors is comprised of members of the AUCD network elected by the membership: six individuals in leadership positions, seven individuals who serve as Chairs or Co-chairs of the Councils of AUCD, one individual representing network trainees and fellows, and four members at large.

Leslie Cohen, JD (right) accepts the gavel from outgoing AUCD President Julie Fodor, PhD at the 2013 AUCD Conference.


Leslie Cohen, JD, Inducted as President of AUCD

Ms. Cohen is Director of the Sonoran UCEDD at the University of Arizona and will serve as President of the Board for the 2013-2014 year. The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) is a membership organization that supports and promotes a national network of university-based interdisciplinary programs conducting research, training graduate students, and serving people with disabilities and their families.



Leadership on Display

The 2012-2013 AUCD Board of Directors

Did you know we have a group of talented individuals who work hard to make AUCD a leader in the field of Developmental Disabilities? Maybe your Director even sits on the Board! With the help of AUCD Trainees and Staff, this Prezi was created to help new AUCD Trainees and Center staff get to know more about our Board of Directors and gain insight from them on how to make the most of your training experience in the AUCD Network and beyond!



Bruce Keisling, PhD, and Celia Feinstein, MA, Elected to 2012-2013 AUCD Board

AUCD welcomes Bruce Keisling, PhD, of the University of Tennessee Boling Center and Celia Feinstein, MA, of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University as At-Large Members of the 2012-2013 AUCD Board of Directors.

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