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The Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia

Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort of Professional Fellows! This group of eight accomplished disability rights leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia will travel to the United States in October 2022 to participate in an intensive 5-week Fellowship Program where they will exchange and discuss best practices for inclusive civic engagement with their US colleagues.



Encuesta En Linea: Proyecto de video de atencion medica

La Asociacion de Centros Universitarios sobre Discapacidades (AUCD) y Community Catalyst quieren aprender sobre las experiencias de las personas con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo al recibir atencion medica.



Call for Host Applications - The Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement

Calling all UCEDDs and LENDs interested in internationalizing their disability work, research, and practice! Apply to the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement to host a Fellow from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, or Ethiopia. Institute for Community Inclusion is currently accepting Host applications for the Fall 2022 Fellowship Exchange. Learn about the benefits of hosting a Fellow, how to apply, how we match Fellows with Hosts, and more details.



The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Calls for the Support, Protection and Safety of Ukrainians with Disabilities

The needs of Ukrainians with disabilities must not be ignored. Ukraine ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2010. CRPD Article 11 specifically addresses situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies and the protection obligations that exist in the context of armed conflict. UN Security Council Resolution 2475, unanimously adopted in 2019, also calls upon member states to "protect persons with disabilities in conflict situations and to ensure they have access to justice, basic services and unimpeded humanitarian assistance." These international humanitarian and human rights laws must be respected. AUCD strongly supports humanitarian efforts focused on the needs of people with disabilities and their families in Ukraine.



Spanish-Language Caucus Recruitment

AUCD is excited to announce the recruitment of new members for the AUCD Spanish-Language Caucus (SLC). The Spanish-Language Caucus is a workgroup open to Spanish-speaking individuals within the AUCD network. We hope for representation from all network roles (Spanish-speaking faculty, staff, Self-Advocates and LEND, UCEDD, and IDDRC current and former trainees).



Ukranian Students, Professionals and Human Rights Defenders: Use UC Davis Article 26 Backpack

Article 26 Backpack is a safe and secure platform to store academic credentials, documents and human rights advocacy work product. As the situation in Ukraine grows worse UC Davis encourages students, professionals and human rights defenders to use Article 26 Backpack.



AUCD Professional Fellows: International Impact and Lessons

AUCD's Professional Fellows Programs (PFP) represent the network's most significant foray to date into the realm of international disability rights. From 2016 to 2021, AUCD implemented two overlapping U.S. Department of State federal awards that sponsored international professional exchange programs on inclusive education and employment.



Translation of the Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC) into Tagalog, Samoan, and Chuukese

The California-Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (LEND) Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, directed the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)-funded Health Professional Support Program for Children with Zika Virus Infection in American Samoa and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Basin. After working with American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam and traveling to American Samoa, the CA-LEND team collectively identified that developmental screening tools were not available in languages that are commonly spoken in the islands



AUCD International Activities Survey

AUCD is collecting information about international activities across all member centers and programs. We are hoping to capture both the competency and capacity of the network. The results of this survey will inform activities of the AUCD Board of Directors and International Committee, and the level of support AUCD Central Office provides to network members regarding international activities.



Nisonger Center & AUCD Professional Fellows Win U.S. State Department Award

The U.S. Department of State has awarded a $32,000 AEIF grant to AUCD Professional Fellows alumni and a Nisonger Center team led by Dr. Margo Izzo and Dr. Paula Rabidoux. The AEIF award (U.S. Department of State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund) will sponsor the expansion of an online inclusive education & employment training partnership that connects Ohio LEND faculty, staff, and trainees to teachers in Tanzania's schools.

he DASUNS website enables Ugandans with disabilities to find and pay for the services of mobility guides, personal support assistants, sign language interpreters, and captioners.


PFP-IDE Alumni Ronald Kasule & Hassan Waddimba Launch Uganda's First Disability Accommodations Website

Ugandan Professional Fellows alumni Ronald Kasule and Hassan Waddimba have officially launched the DASUNS online platform (Diversity Ability Support Network System), which will broaden access to critical services for people with disabilities in their country. DASUNS (Diversity Ability Support Network System) is a social enterprise that provides information about disability resources and services in order to connect people with disabilities, service providers, and agencies. Its new website is a historic step forward for online access to disability accommodations in Uganda.

Aneth interviews a graduate of her training program about her success as a female business owner with a disability.


PFP-IDE Alum Aneth Gerana Trains Women with Disabilities to Become Independent Business Leaders

AUCD Professional Fellows alumna Aneth Gerana completed a groundbreaking self-employment and business leadership training initiative for women with disabilities in Dodoma Region, Tanzania. Using lessons from her PFP-IDE Virtual Fellowship in 2020, Aneth delivered a series of trainings on practical and business skills to women with disabilities who aspire to own and manage small enterprises that produce and sell food. As of July 2021, 50 Tanzanian women with various auditory, visual, physical, and developmental disabilities have graduated from Aneth's new program, which has helped them start and strengthen their own small enterprises.



MN LEND Fellows Help Faith-based Organizations with Inclusion

Plenty of mission statements for faith-based organizations talk about welcoming everyone. When it comes to people with disabilities, however, it takes more than words and a wheelchair ramp to achieve true inclusion. MN LEND fellows, along with the MN UCEDD, are working with a Twin Cities-area church and mosque to think differently about how they serve worshippers with disabilities. MN LEND is an interdisciplinary leadership development program, funded by the U.S. Maternal & Child Health Bureau, that spans more than 16 disciplines across the University of Minnesota.



Rett Syndrome Clinic Headed by Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Researchers is Redesignated as International Center of Excellence

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is one of 15 institutions across the U.S. being honored with the International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF)'s Center of Excellence designation or redesignation. The award recognizes the Vanderbilt Rett Syndrome Clinic's continued dedication to providing best-in-class clinical care for Rett syndrome, a rare neurological and developmental disorder.



Nisonger LEND Leadership Project: Pilot ECHO with AMSEN School in Tanzania

Nisonger LEND Leadership Project: Pilot ECHO with AMSEN School in Tanzania This year a team of LEND trainees and faculty developed an Extensions for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) pilot project with an AUCD Professional Fellow and other teachers from the Al Muntazir Special Needs School (AMSEN) in Tanzania. According to the 2012 Tanzania Disability Monograph only one major university in Tanzania produces teachers for students with ASD/DD.

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