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Medical and Dental Curricula on IDD: Training Inclusive Providers

A Study on How Medical and Dental Schools Teach Students about IDD

Past research has shown that many medical and dental students do not learn about IDD in school. The WITH Foundation, AUCD, and UC-LEND, led by Dr. Kashia Rosenau, collaborated to learn more about how medical and dental schools are teaching students about intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The study found that most of the schools had self-advocates to help them teach their medical and dental students about caring for patients with IDD. The study also found that medical and dental students want to learn more about caring for their patients with disabilities. Overall, the study highlights the importance of teaching medical and dental students about caring for patients with IDD and including more self-advocates in this training.

A teacher is teaching a young student how to right. The teacher is a white woman with brown curly hair and a white shirt. The student is around 5 years old and is a white boy with short brown hair and a yellow polo shirt. They are both holding pencil


Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (TN IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND) Introduces New Toolkits Promoting Neurodiversity and Self-determination in Early Childhood Services

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC)(TN IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND) recently introduced two brand-new educational resources promoting neurodiversity and self-determination in early childhood services. The toolkits were created by the VKC Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorder (TRIAD) and the Vanderbilt Consortium LEND Training Program.



IGROW Project at Texas A&M University Student Highlight

The future is looking pretty sweet for this amazing young lady! M.W. spent her summer exploring the world of baking and bakery ownership with Liz Smith of Country Road Baking Co.



Project TAPP Now Offering Professional Development for Teaching Teams at No Cost

Texas A&M University's Project TAPP is excited to provide professional development for teacher and paraprofessional teams working with students with autism spectrum disorder. Participants will receive two-days of PD workshops in autism and. related interventions and follow-up support during the school year.

Picture includes members of ACT LEND and LoneStar LEND, and Scott Daigle from Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. Hearing Room at the Texas Capitol Building, April 8, 2022.


Texas LEND Programs Join Together at the Capitol in Austin

Developing leadership skills through policy education and advocacy is integral to LEND training. In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, the Autism Consortium of Texas LEND (ACT LEND) invited LoneStar LEND to join them at the Capitol in downtown Austin on Friday, April 8, 2022. Scott Daigle, Public Policy Director at the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, provided a full day of policy training to the LEND trainees.

Alt text: UNH-4U student Andrew Strzykalski, one of four students in the inaugural cohort of the UNH-4U program. Andrew is wearing a gray jacket, baseball cap, and is smiling.


Opening Doors: UNH-4U Program Introduces Students with Intellectual Disabilities to Campus Life

Hats off to UNH-4U students on a successful first semester! UNH-4U students explored campus, attended classes, and made meaningful social connections. The IOD congratulates them on completing their first semester as UNH Wildcats!



The Ohio State University Nisonger Center Clinical Trials Program is Recruiting Participants!

The Ohio State University Nisonger Center's clinical trials team is currently recruiting participants for three studies, Axial, Otsuka, and Aurora.



MN LEND Fellow: Telling Disability Stories Through Music

Music therapist Yue Wu (MN LEND 2019-20) is working on a second production of her show, "Light in the Well," which weaves together symphony movements and the real-life stories of people with disabilities. The show debuted to audience acclaim in October at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis.



The University of Cincinnati UCEDD Awarded Grant with the WITH Foundation

The WITH Foundation awarded a total of $250,000 to five organizations, including the University of Cincinnati UCEDD as a result of their joint RFP with the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD). The RFP provided a unique funding opportunity for organizations to support projects that address the intersections of racial equity and healthcare equity for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

COVID-19 Community Education Coordinator, Miranda Hooper, delivering KN-95 masks across Oklahoma.


The Center for Learning and Leadership Oklahoma's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) Distributes over 150,000 Masks Across the State

The Center for Learning and Leadership Oklahoma's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (CLL/UCEDD), at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, received a large donation of KN-95 masks to offer to our community affiliates and academic partners at no cost thanks to their partnership with OU Health. Through this generous donation, the CLL/UCEDD was able to provide over 150,000 high-quality KN-95 masks to more than 25 university affiliates, and CLL-affiliated community-based provider agencies and programs that serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families across the state of Oklahoma.



Engaging Young Adults with IDD-MH and Researchers in Comparative Effectiveness Research

The Center for START Services is proud to announce the launch of a new website that can support meaningful partnerships between people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and mental health service experiences (IDD-MH), family members, mental health providers, and researchers. View the website to learn more.



RENEW Expands in New Hampshire!

The Center for RENEW Implementation has received a grant from the NH Charitable Foundation to provide the RENEW (Resilience, Empowerment, and Natural Supports for Education and Work) model in New Hampshire to youth and young adults involved in the juvenile justice system or who are in residential treatment.



IOD Programs Celebrate Major Milestones

The IOD celebrated two major programmatic milestones this summer. In the month of June, the Center on Aging and Community Living (CACL) recognized 10 years of ensuring all New Hampshire residents have access to person-centered options to allow them to live and age in the communities of their choice. Since 2011, CACL, a collaboration between the Institute on Disability (IOD) and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP) at the University of New Hampshire, has been actively engaged in projects related to aging and long-term care.



Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (TN IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND) introduces 2021 issue of Tennessee Kindred Stories of Disability: Direct Support Professionals

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (TN IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND) is proud to introduce its latest issue of Tennessee Kindred Stories of Disability, dedicated to telling the stories of Direct Support Professionals in Tennessee.



Great Cartoon Giveaway!

In collaboration with UVM Libraries, CDCI is proud to announce the Great Cartoon Giveaway! The Center for Digital Initiatives now holds the complete set of cartoons created by Dr. Michael Giangreco with the assistance of artist Kevin Ruelle. This collection, titled Absurdities and Realities of Special Education has more than 300 cartoons, including some of the pair's most recognized works

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