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Indiana LEND Psychology Trainee Amani Khalil was Awarded the Division 33 APA Student Research Award

Indiana LEND psychology trainee Amani Khalil was awarded the Division 33 APA Student Research Award and will present her poster at the APA conference in Minneapolis in August. Amani Khalil is a PhD Candidate in Counseling Psychology at Purdue University. Her poster is titled "Help-Seeking Barriers for Racial-Ethnic Minority Caregivers Accessing Autism Interventions: A Systematic Review" and shares about work related to both her LEND leadership project and her dissertation.



WI LEND Adds Family and Disability Advocacy Peer Mentors to Training Team

WI LEND, located at the Waisman Center UCEDD, introduced a new staff role of Peer Mentor at the beginning of the new grant funding cycle. Ida Winters and Stasia Wilson, both recent graduates of the WI LEND program, were hired to fill the roles of Family Peer Mentor and Disability Advocacy Peer Mentor, respectively. �Ida and Stasia were both standout trainees, and we are so excited to add them both to our staff, said the Training Director, Gail Chodron. WI LEND has had trainees and staff in the family discipline for over 15 years, and added self-advocacy trainees 10 years ago.



LEND Fellow Project: PATH-IDD

A team of LEND fellows at the University of Minnesota Institute for Community Integration are valued members of the PATH-PWIDD project.The team has been instrumental in research and developing processes to further the project.Through a grant front the Administration for Community Living, multiple universities are working on conducting a scoping review of literature around training inter-profesional health students (medical, dental etc.) about IDD. In the coming year, this information will be used to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum to strengthen the healthcare workforce to appropriate support the needs of the IDD community.



April 2022: Autism Acceptance Month

During Autism Acceptance Month we will focus on the importance of mental health parity laws, suicide prevention, support, and social skills development of autistic people. Sponsored by AUCD's Autism SIG and ITAC, AUCD is hosting a series of webinars focused on mental health and ASD.



Missouri's UCEDD and LEND programs partner to develop ACCESSIBLE, the Podcast

Topics across the disability field, including best practices, supports and services, advocacy, and leadership are part of the discussion in the new podcast, "Accessible". "The idea for a podcast grew from a conversation about how we, at the UCEDD, could support the Missouri Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities prepare students for work in the field of developmental disabilities," George Gotto, director of IHD, said. "We also want to educate other professionals in the intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) field who may not know the full extent of the existing support systems in Missouri."



MN LEND Fellow: Telling Disability Stories Through Music

Music therapist Yue Wu (MN LEND 2019-20) is working on a second production of her show, "Light in the Well," which weaves together symphony movements and the real-life stories of people with disabilities. The show debuted to audience acclaim in October at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis.



Alaska LEND Program Update

The University of Alaska in Anchorage-Center for Human Development LEND program started its second semester with didactics on Policy and Advocacy. This is in preparation for the 2022 Key Campaign and Legislative Priorities to be held in Juneau. We tracked down the movement of legislation of interest to the Alaska Mental Health Trust and partner advisory boards.



MN LEND Fellows Support Sensory-Friendly Vaccine Clinics in the Community

In December 2021, AUCD trainee Alicia Zhang worked with MN LEND fellows Raniya Yimam and Brittany Miller to support a community-based, sensory-friendly vaccine clinic in Minneapolis, MN. Zhang, Yimam, and Miller are mentored by Dr. Jen Hall-Lande and Dr. Lynda Lahti Anderson at the MN LEND program at the Institute on Community Integration (ICI), which is also the MN UCEDD. This sensory-friendly clinic is a collaboration among community partners, including the Autism Society of Minnesota (AUSM), the Multicultural Autism Action Network, and Hennepin County Healthcare.



LEND Programs Collaborate For ECP Initiative

A new collaboration between Va-LEND, UCEDD, LEND-Pitt, and the University of Connecticut UCEED & LEND will occur over the next 5-year grant cycle. The Early Childhood Partnerships (ECP) initiative, is an expansion of a pilot program that was conducted in previous years between LEND-Pitt and VA-LEND.In years one through five of the grant, trainees from each organization who are interested in early childhood will gather virtually. This is an opportunity for them to network, to engage with one another, and to learn best practices in early childhood. A total of four virtual activities a year will be conducted for the ECP initiative.



Meet the 2021-2022 Autism SIG Vice Chairs!

The Autism Special Interest Group (SIG) is pleased to announce the new vice chairs for the 2021-2022 year. The vice chairs of the Autism Special Interest Group (SIG) will work closely with the co-chairs Brian Be and Dr. Laura Carpenter on SIG activities and events throughout the year.



Skills and Strategies for Health Care Decision-Making with Children Guide

The Skills and Strategies for Health Care Decision-Making guide was developed by URLEND trainees supported by the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities at the University of Montana. The free guide may be printed or downloaded as a fillable PDF.



All in the Family: Salma Hussein (MN LEND, 2012-13)

Salma Hussein (MN LEND, 2012-13), recently selected as a 2021 Bush Fellow, will use the $100,000 fellowship to complete her doctorate degree in educational leadership and continue the non-profit organization she runs with her sister, Fatimah, the Girls Initiative in Recreation and Leisurely Sport (GIRLS). Trained as a social worker while attending MN LEND, she is now an assistant principal at a Saint Paul, Minnesota high school.



The Ohio State University Nisonger Center receives $3.6 million grant from HRSA

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration awarded a $3.6-million, 5-year grant to the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) program at The Ohio State University Nisonger Center.



Texas Center for Disability Studies Receives LEND Grant

Texas has taken an important step forward in training leaders in service to children and adolescents with autism and other disabilities. The University of Texas at Austin�s Texas Center for Disability Studies (TCDS) was awarded the prestigious LEND grant to develop the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders prepared to improve the lives of youth with disabilities and their families



Researchers Strive to Increase Neurodiversity in STEM Fields

There is wide agreement that the United States needs to grow our STEM workforce to remain globally competitive, but how can we ensure the workforce reflects the neurodiversity of our population? Importantly, do our higher education institutions serve as facilitators or barriers to neurodiversity in STEM?

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