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Medical and Dental Curricula on IDD: Training Inclusive Providers

A Study on How Medical and Dental Schools Teach Students about IDD

Past research has shown that many medical and dental students do not learn about IDD in school. The WITH Foundation, AUCD, and UC-LEND, led by Dr. Kashia Rosenau, collaborated to learn more about how medical and dental schools are teaching students about intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The study found that most of the schools had self-advocates to help them teach their medical and dental students about caring for patients with IDD. The study also found that medical and dental students want to learn more about caring for their patients with disabilities. Overall, the study highlights the importance of teaching medical and dental students about caring for patients with IDD and including more self-advocates in this training.



2024 EHDI Conference Scholarships for LEND Audiology Trainees

Deadline: February 16th at 11:59pm

AUCD is offering scholarships to support LEND audiology trainees in attending the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Annual Conference on March 17-19, 2024. All current LEND audiology trainees, including those in their externship year, are eligible to apply.

MN LEND fellow Sanju Koirala (right) and her advisor, Damien Fair.


Harnessing Uniqueness: MNLEND Fellow Leverages Neuroscience Advances to Explore Brain-Behavior Links

A MN LEND fellow searches neuroimaging databases for patterns that could lead to more personalized and effective strategies for regulating emotions, or developing social cognition, among other skills.

Clinical outreach group, including LEND trainees and discipline heads from South Dakota, together with therapists at Santa Lucia Utatlan, Guatemala.


South Dakota LEND Trainees and Discipline Heads Travel to Guatemala for Clinical Outreach

South Dakota LEND trainees, Kylie Hamman (Audiology), Abby Myers (Physical Therapy), and Kaylee Schmidt and Emily Bruinsma (Occupational Therapy) joined clinical outreach ventures to Antigua and Santiago Atitl�n in Guatemala during spring break 2023. The groups were led by LEND discipline heads Patti Berg-Poppe (PT), Shana Cerny (OT), and Liz Hanson (SLP), and were also joined by former discipline head, Lana Svien (PT-retired), all from the University of South Dakota.



Opening Doors, and Minds

A MN LEND faculty member's massive open online course (MOOC) is a Coursera hit. Wendy Looman's course is about families with young children, and how environmental factors such as housing and nutritious food, influence their outcomes.



WI LEND Names New Director

Gail S. Chodron, PhD, was recently named director of the Wisconsin LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) program, located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Waisman Center UCEDD. Dr. Chodron was a WI LEND trainee in 2007-2008 and has been part of the WI LEND faculty ever since, most recently serving as training director.



LEND and NERGN DNA Today Podcast/Spotify 

Betsy Humphreys, Karen Volle, and NH-ME LEND trainee Karina Mancini were interviewed for the "DNA Today" podcast by host Kira Dineen. The interview explores how LEND and NERGN (New England Regional Genetics Network) support training of future interdisciplinary leaders.



Maine LEND Family Games and Sports are Hot on a Cold Day

It was below zero on Saturday, Feb. 4, but no one was cold at the University of New England in Portland, Maine where 59 people played games, engaged in creative crafts, and fully participated in new sports activities as part of the Maine Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Family Game and Sports Day! The events were planned as part of the LEND program to promote family-centered inclusion in the community for people with disabilities.



MN LEND Fellow is Removing Barriers for Massachusetts Families

Summary: After completing a master's degree at Harvard University, Julia Anderson (MNLEND 2016-17) is turning her experience in disability policy to a new task: innovating state programs for Massachusetts.



New Fellowship Program Connects with Communities

The MN LEND at Institute on Community Integration is mentoring community members, providing resources, networking connections, and technology to help Minnesota families. Projects have included online resources for providers supporting new Somali mothers.



Celebrating 25 Years of Va-LEND and Beyond

By Jennifer Drummond

A Chinese proverb states that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second best time is now. The Va-LEND (Virginia Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) program was established over 25 years ago and is planting new seeds for the next generation of maternal and child health leaders. It all began with recognizing an opportunity.



LEND Family Mentorship Models

The long-awaited LEND Family Mentorship Models are here! This document was written by LEND programs for LEND programs and contains several different versions of this experience from across the network. The LEND Family Discipline Network (LFDN) hopes you will use this document to help inspire or develop your own family mentorship experience in your LEND program.

Jillian Reiher


CDD Psychologist Makes Going to the Dentist a Team Effort

A psychologist at Iowa's Center for Disabilities and Development worked with a patient to create a successful visit to the pediatric dentistry clinic.



NH-ME LEND 30th Anniversary Video

The NH-ME LEND Program celebrated its 30th anniversary by creating a 7-minute captioned video that features LEND trainees, alumni, and staff reflecting on what LEND means to them and the impact it has had on their lives. The video was produced by the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability/UCED.



Maine LEND Final Presentations Demonstrate Leadership

The Maine LEND graduated 12 Trainees from the program in May 2022. As part of demonstrations of Maternal and Child Health Competencies and LEND tenets, the Trainees each participated in an elective project that was presented at the end of April.

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