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Acing the job interview

So all the pavement pounding and job hunting has finally gained an interview, now the question is how to stand out from the competition. Human resources experts who are involved with job interviews for a living say it really comes down to two words - be prepared.



Want to Lead? Ask Tennyson and Shakespeare

Adam Bryant interviews Enrique Salem, president and CEO of Symantec, about the challenges of leading and managing.



Women's Negotiation "Problem" May Be Power, Not Gender

Which came first-discrimination against women in pay and power or women's own failure to negotiate the pay and power we deserve? If you ask this question of most business women today, they'll say discrimination came first. But if they've been paying attention to press coverage about the social science on women and negotiation, they're likely to blame themselves for failing to achieve as much as their male counterparts.



Interview Tips for the 40+ Crowd

Looking for a job can be stressful. While 15 to 20 years of work experience are valuable, sometimes they can work against you. Being aware of perceptions that recruiters might have of you can help you tackle them better ahead of your job interview.



How to Follow-up on Your Resume

A majority of candidates today do not receive a response on a submitted resume. So the big question is, when is it appropriate to follow-up?



How to Calm Job Interview Jitters

Interviews can strike fear in the hearts of the most seasoned job seekers. If you don't have a lot of experience interviewing, it's not unusual to feel mild jitters or even outright terror at the thought of sitting down with a potential employer. But you don't have to let emotions turn that important hiring hurdle into a horror show. Experts offer several tips for preventing anxiety from torpedoing your chances of landing the job.



Top 10 Career Tips For Young Professionals

A writer describes his top ten tips for a happy and successful career.



The New Rules of Mentoring

Finding a professional mentor can be a daunting task. The world is changing, and so is the way we communicate and work with one another. While mentoring still plays a critically important role, it has taken on new forms due to escalating workloads, increasing demand and changing technology considerations. This article explains fundamental shifts in the way that mentoring relationships work.



Young Professionals with Disabilities Host First Event

A group of young professionals with disabilities host first meeting to encourage peer networking, volunteerism and career guidance among those with disabilities.



Weighing Decisions about Disability Disclosure - Resources for Youth and Caring Adults

Every young person who grows up with or acquires a disability has to learn how to talk about, or not talk about, his or her disability. As you make the transition into adulthood, the way you talk about your disability begins to change in its importance



Tips and Tricks for Developing References

Job seekers often leave the necessary work involved in providing references until the end of the job search-the offer stage-which can cause serious mistakes in the process, and provide less than effective references. This article offers advice about development of references.



17 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

It's easy to understate the importance of a phone interview, dismissing it as merely the first step in the long job-search process. In reality, a seemingly cursory phone interview is actually the most important step, because without success, the next steps never happen.



How to Not Get Your Email Ignored When Applying for a Job

Most people get blown off because their e-mails are shabby, poorly written, meandering, and a waste of time. Here are 10 tips on writing great e-mails.

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