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The School of Education and Human Development Announces Dr. Dalun Zhang as the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Dr. Dan (Dalun) Zhang has accepted the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs position in our School of Education and Human Development. Since accepting the interim role in January, Dr. Zhang has excelled in serving the best interests of our faculty and our School. He is also a Professor of Special Education in the Department of Educational Psychology (EPSY), a Faculty Affairs Leadership Development Fellow in SEHD and a Director of the Center on Disability and Development.

5 smiling women in business casual attire standing outside with soft-focus hospital logo in the background


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center LEND Program Collaborates with Community Partners to Launch "All Kids Academy"

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) LEND program has partnered with Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, The University of Memphis, and others to launch All Kids Academy. All Kids Academy is an innovative program that supports learning and development for hospitalized children with the goal to nurture every child's educational potential in sickness and in health.

Mark Kliewer (left), and Daniel Kliewer visit the TIES Clinic at Olin Ave on a Sunday afternoon to pretend to talk to psychiatrist Steve Singer. This is therapeutic and reassuring for Daniel, who has Cornelia de Lange syndrome.


The Waisman TIES Clinic, a Psychiatry Clinic that Looks at Disability and Mental Health through a Holistic Lens

Mental health is import for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Waisman TIES (Training, Intervention, and Evaluation Services) Psychiatric Clinic is a unique resource that provides psychiatric care and consultation to Wisconsin residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The clinic often sees individuals who are unable to obtain psychiatric care from other providers due to their insurance, financial situation, behavioral issues, or medical complexities.



Work-Based Learning with the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University Spotlight

Joshua ISD's work-based learning project recently created balloon centerpieces that were featured at two end of the school year events. They provided decorations for the annual HOSA banquet and the district end of year banquet. Joshua's WBL project creates a variety of balloon center pieces and other balloon party decorations. This project has a special focus on adaptive equipment, so all students are able to contribute.



Innovative Genetics Navigator Program In Virginia

In 2022, teams were formed by the NYMAC (New York, Mid Atlantic and Caribbean) Regional Genetics Center in each of their region's states/territories to look at barriers faced by families seeking genetics testing such as limited genetic clinics, lack of genetic counselors and costs of genetic testing. To meet Virginia's needs, NYMAC's Virginia team worked with the Center for Family Involvement (CFI) at Virginia's UCEDD to launch a Genetics Navigator program. Through a network of 90 trained diverse, paid and volunteer family members across Virginia, the CFI has provided emotional, informational and systems navigational support to thousands of families each year whose children have developmental delays, disabilities and/or special health care needs.



The Conversation Continues: When it Comes to Autism, Can We Reconcile the Medical and Social Models of Disability?

On June 15, I (Jason Folger, PhD) had the pleasure of re-convening nearly all of the panelists and speakers from the NE Regional Spring LEND Conference of May 8: When it Comes to Autism, Can We Reconcile the Medical and Social Models of Disability? The conference focused on the idea of exploring and reconciling the polarized ideas circulating in popular media that celebrating one's neurodiversity as an autistic person somehow diminishes or invalidates the emotional pain of caregivers of individuals living with what has come to be known as "profound autism" and vice-versa.

This is an image of the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal masthead. It has a purple background, a square icon, and text of the review's name in


The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal is seeking reviewers to join its Manuscript Review Board

Do you have expertise in disability studies and a commitment to social justice? The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, is seeking reviewers to join its distinguished Manuscript Review Board.



University of Miami, Mailman Center LEND Trainee Receives Grant to Create a Multicultural Library Space for Children at the Linda Ray Intervention Center

University of Miami Mailman Center LEND Trainee, Elena Fernandez, receives the UM Racial Justice grant which she used for her work with the Linda Ray Intervention Center.



AUCD Leadership Academy

Congratulations to the 2023 AUCD Leadership Academy participants who completed a week-long program designed to enhance the skills of current and emerging leaders from the disability network to build coalitions to improve systems of support and services. During the Leadership Academy, participants explored shared values and commitments to civil and human rights, assessed their strengths and strengths, developed skills in building partnerships to achieve collective impact, and established personal and professional leadership goals.

The cover of the 35th anniversary issue of Impact, showing miniature covers of previous issues. The backdrop is a brick wall, painted white.


Impact: 35 Years of MN UCEDD's Flagship Publication

Impact magazine is the flagship publication of the MN UCEDD, highlighting what matters to people with disabilities for 35 years. This issue reconnects with voices from the past and looks ahead to the issues of the future.



Ohio State University UCEDD Announces Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness Prevalence Study in Collaboration with OHSU

Intellectual disability (ID) confers increased risk of mental illness; however, a robust prevalence study of the occurrence of mental illness in adults with intellectual disability has not been conducted in the United States. Prevalence estimates are based on previous research in the UK (Cooper, Smiley, Morrison, Williamson, & Allan, 2007; Stromme & Diseth, 2000) and on US studies that have used convenience samples (Fletcher, Barnhill, & Cooper, 2016; Reiss, 1994; Rojahn & Tasse, 1996; Smiley, 2005;) suggesting that mental illness occurs in 30% to 50% of adults with intellectual disability. Co-occurring mental illness is associated with an increased intensity and complexity of support needs compared to adults with ID without comorbid psychiatric disorders (Borthwick-Duffy, 1994; Rojahn, Matson, Naglieri, & Mayville, 2004; Tasse & Wehmeyer, 2010). A systematic national prevalence study is needed to guide federal policy and programs to address mental health problems in adults with intellectual disability.

Alt text: A picture of Dr. Wolfensberger on the cover of the new book featuring his life's work.


Dr. Wolfensberger's 'festschrift' Presented at McGoogan Library

The work of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, a critical figure in the development of home and community-based services in the US, is being featured in a new compendium developed from his collection of work at the McGoogan Library at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Alt text: Staff photo of Lisa Amstutz standing in front of trees and greenspace. She is smiling, wearing a pink top, black jacket, gold necklace and has blond chin length hair with one side tucked behind her ear.


HDI's Lisa Amstutz is Second in Kentucky to Earn Special Credential for Mental Health ASL Interpreting

Lisa Amstutz earned the Qualified Mental Health Interpreter Certification earlier this month, making her the second American Sign Language interpreter in Kentucky to do so. The certification is typically held by experienced interpreters who have already demonstrated particularly high competence in general interpreting.



Iowa's UCEDD Welcomes a Professional Fellow from Zanzibar

Iowa's UCEDD welcomed Bakar Hamad from Zanzibar last month as part of his experience in the Professional Fellow Program, a joint project of the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston and Humanity & Inclusion. Hamad is the fourth Professional Fellow that Iowa's UCEDD has hosted through the program, which has provided wonderful opportunities for the fellows and for UCEDD staff to exchange information, ideas and strategies for supporting people with disabilities.



Long COVID Is a Mass Disabling Condition-Treat It Like One

Long Covid is a mass disabling condition, writes Dr. Bonuck. Dr. Bonuck is professor of family and social medicine, of obstetrics & gynecology and women's health, and of pediatrics at Einstein and co-director of the Rose F. Kennedy University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at Einstein-Montefiore.

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