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Desired Results access Project Video Library

The Desired Results access Project as updated their Digital Video Initiative to further support early childhood practitioners' use of video in their work. New to the site: 16 Practice Clips provide EI staff opportunities to practice skills including observation, documentation, and assessment.



Trainee One-Word Survey

Trainees all go on a journey throughout their time at a LEND or UCEDD. The learning curve is steep, but the academic, leadership, interdisciplinary, and skills-based accomplishments at the end of the year are undeniable. In an effort to quantitatively track that journey, 2011-2012 trainees were asked the same one question three times during their traineeship, and required to respond with only one word.



Exploring New Paradigms for the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act

Report by the National Council on Disabilities

The report is a supplement to the 2011 NCD publication 'Rising Expectations: The Developmental Disabilities Act Revisited.' It expands on the challenges identified in Rising Expectations and offers specific recommendations for aligning systems and statutes both within and beyond the scope of the DD Act.



CDC Estimates 1 in 88 Children in the US Identified as Having Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States has been identified as having an ASD, according to a new study released today that looked at data from 14 communities. Autism spectrum disorders are almost five times more common among boys than girls ? with 1 in 54 boys identified.



AUCD Celebrates March as Developmental Disabilities Month

On February 26, 1987, President Ronald Reagan designated March as the National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Read about a few of the current AUCD and Network activities underway this month.

From left: George Jesien, Anthony Antosh, Bob Bacon, Senator Tom Harkin, Liz Weintraub, Kim Musheno, and Kristina Majewski


AUCD Presents Senator Tom Harkin with the 2011 Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award

Bob Bacon, MA, Director of the Iowa UCEDD, and Anthony Antosh, EdD, AUCD President and Director of the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities, Rhode Island's UCEDD, presented the 2012 AUCD Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award to Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA). The award was originally presented to the Senator at AUCD's 2011 Conference in November, however Senator Harkin was unable to attend in person.



AUCD Assists Baylor College of Medicine LEAH in making 2011 Transition Conference Videos Available Nationally

This conference brings together health care professionals and YSHCN and their families to further each other's knowledge about and skills related to Health care transition. For the 2011 Conference, AUCD partnered with the Baylor LEAH to provide a live feed of the conference to select sites across the country and make videos of select presentations available across the nation.



'Possibilities' Video Series from MI UCEDD Focuses on Lives and Accomplishments of Individuals with Disabilities

Each 4-7 minute video highlights one individual's journey, along with their family and friends, and shows the myriad possibilities and options that all people have as they grow up, become independent, and pursue their life's dreams and goals.



AFP 2011 in Review

The 2011 Summit of the Alliance for Full Participation (AFP) was highly successful, with over 1250 participants all involved in a campaign to double integrated employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A video of 2011 Summit highlights is available here, and session handouts can be downloaded here.



2011 Conference Photos

View photos of the 2011 AUCD Conference: plenaries, meetings, trainees, awards, and gala celebrations.



2011 Conference Video

AUCD was pleased to partner with TV Worldwide for the recording of the 2011 opening and closing plenary sessions. Entitled, 'The Journey Continues: Where We've Been' and 'The Journey Continues: Where We're Going,' these sessions take us through 40 years of developmental disabilities history and ask emerging leaders in the AUCD network what they envision for the next 40 years. These videos are captioned and no registration is required to view them.



Increasing Trainee Survey Responses: Best Practice Methods for Obtaining High Response Rates from Trainees

NOTE (1-31-2020): Since this resource was published, trainee surveys have been revised to a 2, 5, and 10 year timeline. The tips provided here are otherwise still pertinent. Obtaining high trainee response rates to the LEND and UCEDD 1, 5, and 10 year surveys can be difficult for programs to get. To assist Centers in potentially increasing their response rates, AUCD interviewed training directors and former trainees from the 5 UCEDDs and/or LENDs with the consistently highest response rates to understand their strategies for surveying former trainees. This report describes AUCD's interviews and the practices these Centers have found to be successful.



AUCD & the Center on Disability Studies Host "Standing Room Only" Side Event at the United Nations Conference of State Parties to the CRPD

With over 500 delegates from civil society and governments, the three day United Nations Fourth Session of the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons (CRPD) held at the United Nations Secretariat generated diplomatic discussions and debate evolving around the conference theme, "Enabling Development, Realizing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities."



In Memoriam: Dr. Richard Koch (1922-2011)

Founding Director, USC UCEDD

Dr. Richard Koch, a long-time disabilities champion, passed away peacefully September 24, 2011, at his home in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Koch dedicated his career to identify, treat and help find a cure for PKU. He was a respected leader in this area both nationally and internationally, and continued his active interest in this work until his final months.



AUCD has Moved

Source: Webinar
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AUCD's new address is:
1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1000
Silver Spring, MD 20910
All phones, emails, and URLs remain the same.

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