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Creating a Killer Cover Letter

Many job seekers question whether or not they should send a cover letter with their resume. It's a question that's up for debate between job search professionals, and you'll receive conflicting advice everywhere. Not sending a cover letter for a position could be a risky move, so if you are extremely interested in the position for which you're applying, your best bet is to include one.



Job-Seeking Advice You're Getting Is Wrong

The search for a job in the currect economic climate is stressful enough without the added pressure of unsolicited advice. Friends, family and professional recruiters will offer all sorts of guidance about how to land a position. Especially when it comes to resume writing, take it with a grain of salt. The problem, according to professional resume writers, is that much of this advice establishes a cookie-cutter formula that makes it hard for your own document to stand out.



How Unbeatable Is Your Resume?

Interview with author, Tony Beshara, who has found more than 8,500 individuals jobs during his 38 years in the business. Tony's goal was to write a book that teaches people how to craft a resume that commands attention and reflects a candidate who is worthy of serious consideration.



Resume Must Shine to Bring About an Interview

This article offers advice on how to write resumes and cover letters. It also includes the do's and don'ts of resume writing.



50 Job Search Tips That Work

This article provides the readers with tips to land an interview. Tips for resume building, interviewing, and what to do after the interview.



Website Helps Job Seekers With Their Resume

This website helps job seekers with their resume.



How to Not Get Your Email Ignored When Applying for a Job

Most people get blown off because their e-mails are shabby, poorly written, meandering, and a waste of time. Here are 10 tips on writing great e-mails.



Resume Template and Sample resumes

You will find various resume samples and styles in this pdf packet. Be sure to read and look at all of the samples and note the important resume tips on each one.

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