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7 Ways to Customize Your Search for Your Dream Job

The days of dropping your resume en masse and hoping that someone notices you are long gone. Changing a few lines in your cover letter is still not enough customization to get noticed. Read 7 things to customize in your job search so that it speaks to your specific dream employer at every stage of your search.



10 Ways to Get Your Resume Ignored for a Job Opening

The author of the article describes mistakes people make when sending resumes to apply for jobs.



Creating a Killer Cover Letter

Many job seekers question whether or not they should send a cover letter with their resume. It's a question that's up for debate between job search professionals, and you'll receive conflicting advice everywhere. Not sending a cover letter for a position could be a risky move, so if you are extremely interested in the position for which you're applying, your best bet is to include one.



4 Essential Steps to Writing a Great Cover Letter

Cover letters are interesting in that so many people dismiss them as not important. They are an important sales tool. Here are 4 no-fail steps to a "must-hire" cover letter.



Resume Must Shine to Bring About an Interview

This article offers advice on how to write resumes and cover letters. It also includes the do's and don'ts of resume writing.

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