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7 Ways to Customize Your Search for Your Dream Job

The days of dropping your resume en masse and hoping that someone notices you are long gone. Changing a few lines in your cover letter is still not enough customization to get noticed. Read 7 things to customize in your job search so that it speaks to your specific dream employer at every stage of your search.



How Leaders Lose Their Luck

A surprising number of company founders and business-builders attribute much of their success to luck. Luck in business can be cultivated, through the combination of what is called a lucky attitude and a lucky network. Seven attributes are among the most difficult ones for leaders to master and maintain. Those are discussed in more detail in the article.



What You Need to Know about Why People Fail

"There are thousands of books on success. But very few on failure," begins Siimon Reynolds in Why People Fail. "Yet mastering failure is surely a vital step in achieving your aims, hopes, and dreams. "Failure leads to success-if you see it as a process. Reynolds has identified 16 reasons for failure.



MCH Navigator: A Training Portal for MCH Professionals

The MCH Navigator is a learning portal that links individuals to existing open-access training, organized in areas consistent with nationally endorsed public health and MCH leadership competencies.



Leadership Advice from the 2011 Top American Leaders

One might think that the seven leaders who were selected by Harvard's Kennedy School, in partnership with The Washington Post, as 2011's Top American Leaders would have little in common. The seven men and women hailed from diverse fields. But when it comes to ideas about leadership, the awardees had plenty in common.



3 Real-Life Successful Salary Negotiations

Read 3 examples of real people negotiating for better salaries. It's inspirational to see people's accomplishments. It's also instructive to see what other people have done that has worked. The names and companies are disguised, but the details are accurate.



The 10 Worst Mistakes of First-Time Job Hunters

If you're in your final year of college, be warned: the rumors about landing a job in this economy are true. You should be taking steps today, not next semester, to prepare yourself. To find out what students can do to better prepare for the current job market, the author spoke with career coaches, recruiters and recent graduates.



Want to Lead? Ask Tennyson and Shakespeare

Adam Bryant interviews Enrique Salem, president and CEO of Symantec, about the challenges of leading and managing.



Women's Negotiation "Problem" May Be Power, Not Gender

Which came first-discrimination against women in pay and power or women's own failure to negotiate the pay and power we deserve? If you ask this question of most business women today, they'll say discrimination came first. But if they've been paying attention to press coverage about the social science on women and negotiation, they're likely to blame themselves for failing to achieve as much as their male counterparts.



Interview Tips for the 40+ Crowd

Looking for a job can be stressful. While 15 to 20 years of work experience are valuable, sometimes they can work against you. Being aware of perceptions that recruiters might have of you can help you tackle them better ahead of your job interview.



How Unbeatable Is Your Resume?

Interview with author, Tony Beshara, who has found more than 8,500 individuals jobs during his 38 years in the business. Tony's goal was to write a book that teaches people how to craft a resume that commands attention and reflects a candidate who is worthy of serious consideration.



America's Best Cities for Young Professionals

Find out which cities are best for young professionals. Is your city one of them?



Resume Must Shine to Bring About an Interview

This article offers advice on how to write resumes and cover letters. It also includes the do's and don'ts of resume writing.



How to Calm Job Interview Jitters

Interviews can strike fear in the hearts of the most seasoned job seekers. If you don't have a lot of experience interviewing, it's not unusual to feel mild jitters or even outright terror at the thought of sitting down with a potential employer. But you don't have to let emotions turn that important hiring hurdle into a horror show. Experts offer several tips for preventing anxiety from torpedoing your chances of landing the job.



Top 10 Career Tips For Young Professionals

A writer describes his top ten tips for a happy and successful career.

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