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5 Ways to Find Mentors and Make it Matter

Mentoring is a tricky thing: most people want it, but don't know how to get it. Mentoring is a responsibility; a commitment that requires valuable time and focused attention to assure the mentee's goals are progressing forward. How you find a mentor, reaping its rewards and paying it forward represents the many facets of this relationship. Here are five ways to secure a meaningful mentor and make it matter.



How Leaders Lose Their Luck

A surprising number of company founders and business-builders attribute much of their success to luck. Luck in business can be cultivated, through the combination of what is called a lucky attitude and a lucky network. Seven attributes are among the most difficult ones for leaders to master and maintain. Those are discussed in more detail in the article.



What You Need to Know about Why People Fail

"There are thousands of books on success. But very few on failure," begins Siimon Reynolds in Why People Fail. "Yet mastering failure is surely a vital step in achieving your aims, hopes, and dreams. "Failure leads to success-if you see it as a process. Reynolds has identified 16 reasons for failure.



Leadership Advice from the 2011 Top American Leaders

One might think that the seven leaders who were selected by Harvard's Kennedy School, in partnership with The Washington Post, as 2011's Top American Leaders would have little in common. The seven men and women hailed from diverse fields. But when it comes to ideas about leadership, the awardees had plenty in common.



Top Tips for Interviewing via Skype

Read this article about common-sense rules of engagement that apply to recruiters and candidates when using Skype to interview.



Want to Lead? Ask Tennyson and Shakespeare

Adam Bryant interviews Enrique Salem, president and CEO of Symantec, about the challenges of leading and managing.



Cultural Competence in Patient Experience

Contributing to its mission of improving the patient experience in healthcare, The Beryl Institute releases its latest white paper - The Role of Cultural Competence in Delivering Positive Patient Experiences. The paper explores the increasing importance of cultural competence and cultural sensitivity and how they impact the experience of patients, their families and support groups.



50 Job Search Tips That Work

This article provides the readers with tips to land an interview. Tips for resume building, interviewing, and what to do after the interview.



Tips and Tricks for Developing References

Job seekers often leave the necessary work involved in providing references until the end of the job search-the offer stage-which can cause serious mistakes in the process, and provide less than effective references. This article offers advice about development of references.



How to Not Get Your Email Ignored When Applying for a Job

Most people get blown off because their e-mails are shabby, poorly written, meandering, and a waste of time. Here are 10 tips on writing great e-mails.



The Leadership Dilemma

Journal Article

How do we make leadership happen? To answer this somewhat odd question, we must address both the what and the how. And herein lies the problem, at least the root of it. To be candid, we are notsure what leadership is (i.e., what the work of leadership entails) and we are even less sure how to make it work.

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