Position Title: AUCD Policy Fellow
Host Site: AUCD Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD
Service Term: June 1, 2020- May 31, 2021
Supervisor Name: Rylin Rodgers
Supervisor Title: Public Policy Director
Supervisor Email: [email protected]

Address: 1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1000,
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-588-8252


Current and future national legislation and advocacy activities have significant impacts on the nature and extent of services and supports for persons with disabilities and their families at the state and local level. It is imperative that current and future leaders in the field of disabilities have an in-depth understanding of the many issues and factors that influence and guide policy development as well as the implementation of disability related laws by executive branch agencies. Knowledge of these issues and the factors that influence them, as well as the policy process at the national level, collaboration with national advocacy organizations, participation in legislative advocacy, contact with federal agency officials and involvement in federal grants of a national scope have resulted in an enhanced and expanded leadership potential of Fellows as they return to their home communities.


AUCD's mission is to advance policies and practices that improve the health, education, social, and economic well-being of all people with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and their communities by supporting our members in research, education, health, and service activities that achieve our vision.

Purpose of the Position:

The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide significant experiences in national level activities related to policy and legislative development, advocacy, program development, technical assistance, and AUCD administration. The Fellowship in Disability Policy is envisioned as a mutually beneficial arrangement between the Fellow, the Fellows community, and the AUCD central office. The Fellow will benefit from the experiences and contacts developed during the Fellowship period as well as participation in national level activities and subsequently informing their base community of activities and knowledge gained. AUCD will benefit by having increased assistance to carry out its mission as well as additional local and state perspectives from the AUCD network. The overall goal of the Fellowship is to enhance the leadership capacity of the Fellow through a range of work experiences and responsibilities aiming to:

  1. Provide experience in the development of national policy and legislation related to individuals with disabilities, their families and those who work on their behalf;
  2. Broaden the Fellow's knowledge of the AUCD membership, its work and issues; and
  3. Develop key relationships with other federal level organizations including federal agencies, associations, advocacy groups, and other public and private entities related to the disabilities field.


Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States, and eligible for employment. Persons with disabilities or family members and persons from culturally diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The Fellowship experience will be jointly developed by the Fellow and AUCD senior staff based on the needs of the central office and Policy Team, taking into consideration current AUCD projects and priorities, as well as skills and interests of the Fellow. At a minimum, the Fellow will be responsible for the following:

  • Assist in writing and dissemination of Disability Policy News, AUCD's weekly legislative update;
  • Attend relevant meetings/forums and congressional hearings;
  • Participate in meetings with Congressional offices related to particular policy issues;
  • Work with AUCD's Policy Team to formulate and promote the legislative goals of AUCD;
  • Provide policy updates and technical assistance to association members.
  • Draft press releases;
  • Develop and distribute action alerts;
  • Assist with planning and logistics of the Disability Policy Seminar and AUCD's Annual Meeting;
  • Attend AUCD all-staff meetings; and
  • Other special projects/activities/tasks as needed.

Preferred Service Hours/Weekly Schedule:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The AUCD office is located in downtown Silver Spring, MD, one block from the red line Silver Spring Metro station. This is a full-time position.


Competitive salary based on education and experience; health, retirement, disability and life insurance benefits; and three weeks' vacation. Opportunity to be involved in a broad range of disability-related issues, work in a fast paced yet relaxed office atmosphere and to have the potential to truly make a national impact.

To Apply:

Applicants should submit a letter of interest explaining their reasons for wanting to become a Fellow, what they hope to get out of the fellowship, and how they plan to use the knowledge and skills gained. Please include a current resume and at least three letters of reference. Recent writing samples will be accepted but not required via mail or e-mail only to: Rylin Rodgers, Director of Public Policy, 1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1000, Silver Spring, MD 20910; [email protected]. For additional information on AUCD:

Applications are accepted until March 30th