Providing full access to culturally-competent early identification practices for children from non-English speaking families has been a long-standing goal of the Massachusetts Act Early State Team. The team is pleased to announce that the Considering Culture in Autism Screening kit and curriculum is now available for download at no cost for pediatric providers and other early childhood professionals at

The Considering Culture in Autism Screening Kit (funded by a 2012 AMCHP State Systems Grant) includes a clinician tips guide, referral resource listing, and translations of the M-CHAT-R/F autism screening tool. The Considering Culture in Autism Screening Curriculum (funded by a 2014 grant from the Deborah Monroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund) includes two cultural case studies, videotaped interviews from parents of children with ASD from four cultures, a facilitator training guide, and supplementary classroom materials. Modeled after the LTSAE Autism Case Training (ACT) curriculum, the project also received in-kind support from the CDC. To obtain access to the videos for use in training, please contact [email protected].

Citation: Gabovitch, E., Blenner, S., Braden, K., Choueiri, R., Charles, J., Fernandez-Pastrana, I., Helm, D.,& Travers, J. (2016). Considering Culture in Autism Screening: A Cultural & Linguistic Competence Training Curriculum for Pediatric Providers. [Curriculum]. Massachusetts Act Early Program, UMASS Medical School-Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center.

If you have questions, please contact the Principal Investigator/former CDC Act Early Ambassador to Massachusetts at [email protected].