This call for papers is an opportunity for trainees within the AUCD network to share their research projects, leadership projects, or other program projects that they have been involved with during their traineeship. Trainees are asked to share research proposals, completed research projects, leadership projects, program evaluation projects, or program changes you have implemented in this call for papers. This is an opportunity to share your hard work with others, participate in scholarly activities, and generate discussion and ideas for future projects. Upon review and edits, summaries will be posted on the AUCD website in the Trainees section. Please send papers to AUCD Virtual Trainee Rene Jamison. By sending in papers, trainees give AUCD permission to post their submission on this website for an undetermined amount of time.

Papers must be submitted by May 14, 2007. Papers will be posted as they are submitted, so please feel free to submit them before the final due date. We are looking forward to reading many papers! Guidelines for submission follow below. An example is provided on the website.

Outline (download this information Word)
  • Papers should be no more than 4 pages in length
  • Papers should be single spaced with 1 inch margins
  • Papers should contain:
    • Cover page: download cover page here
    • Title of Research Project or Program
    • Brief (1-3 sentence) description of project
    • Introduction and Overview (1/2 to 1 page)
      • Why you are interested in this project
      • Brief overview of literature
      • Rationale for project
      • Project aims or research hypotheses
    • Methodology or Program Overview (about 1 page)
      • Participants
      • Who participated or will participate in this project
      • Characteristics of participants (age, gender, diagnosis)
      • Selection criteria for participants (how did you decide who would be in the project)
    • Measures or Evaluation Tools
      • Describe specific measures or tools used to evaluate your research question or program effectiveness
      • Rationale for selecting these measures
    • Procedures
        • Describe the procedures of your research project or procedures of how the program was implemented (what were the steps of the project, intervention procedures, personnel involved, when measures were completed, etc.)
        • Data analysis procedures
    • Results and Discussion (if project is completed) (1/2 to 1 page)
      • Summary of research findings or results from program implementation
      • Discussion of findings in relation to hypotheses or purpose of project
      • Implications of findings, including limitations
      • Future directions
    • Potential Findings and Discussion (if project is not completed)
      • Describe potential results of project
      • Future directions related to project
    • References and citations
      • In APA style