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Mailman Center Hosts: Innovation and Connection Conference 2022
The conference will bring together experts in early childhood development to discuss challenges and opportunities for the care and wellness of young children as they grow up in a pandemic. Speakers will discuss the physical and emotional impacts of COVID-19 on children 0-5 and their families and highlight ways in which early childhood personnel and allied health professionals can better support young children's well-being and development through practice and policy.


The COVID-19 Vax: Keeping it 100

A conversation with health professionals to address the misinformation and concerns associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Our panelist will discuss COVID-19 variant combinations, COVID-19 vaccines for children, and COVID-19 vaccine boosters.


MHDD Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Webinar Series

In this webinar, MHDD will discuss how race and ethnicity can affect services for someone with a disability and mental health concern. The presenters will offer information for families and direct support professionals to reduce inequality and improve knowledge and services for individuals.


Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency Conference

The Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency Conference is an annual event sponsored by the Office for Health, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. This year's theme is on "Truth and Reconciliation".
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Mental Health Summit 2021

AUCD's Mental Health Special Interest Group, in partnership with the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities National Training Center, is happy to announce: Mental Health Summit 2021: Online discussions on the Intersection of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. The 2021 Mental Health Summit hosts conversations on varying topics that influence the mental health of individuals with developmental disabilities.
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TechSummit 2021

The Nisonger Center's TechSummit is an annual conference with a focus on technology as it relates to developmental disabilities. With funding from the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council and support from Assistive Technology of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, TechSummit 2021 will be conducted virtually in an online format. This is the third annual TechSummit event. We encourage you to register and invite your friends!


2021 Nisonger Institute

The Nisonger Center will be hosting it's annual Nisonger Institute on Scarcity of Medical Resources: Racial and Disability Equity on Friday, May 21st. Disparities in health care for people who have disabilities and for people of color was and is a common experience in our society. The Covid-19 pandemic and social unrest of 2020 sharpened our awareness of these disparities, particularly at the intersection of race and disability. This diverse panel will discuss policy and practice issues impacting scarcity of medical resources.
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Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

PacRim has been bringing people together for more than 30 years. And PacRim 2019 is no exception. We want individuals with disabilities, their families, service providers, researchers, educators, employers, deep thinkers, change agents, policy makers and entrepreneurs to join us in March 2019. Only by coming together and sharing can we offer individuals with disabilities a better future.


Continuing Education Seminar Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency Conference "Policy, Practice, and Child Health Equity"

Each year the Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training organizes the Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency. The conference brings national speakers to present on the latest research and practice related to addressing and reducing socially determined health disparities.


Stepping Forward Together: Advancing Equity and Cultural Competency to Improve Population Health

Join the Conversation! Vermont is not immune from the effects of racism and cultural blindness. Vermont Care Partners (VCP), representing 16 of the State"s Designated and Specialized Service Agencies is working closely together with the Vermont Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (LEND) at the University of Vermont College of Medicine to develop this very important two day experience exploring diversity and health care.
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Racial and Ethnic Disparities Among Adults with IDD and Their Family Caregivers

The majority of adults with IDD live at home with their families, and this is particularly true for adults with IDD from diverse backgrounds. Some research suggests that adults with IDD who live in the community face many health challenges compared to those in residential settings. In this webinar Dr. Magana will present research on health outcomes of African American and Latino parental caregivers, and on racial and ethnic disparities on health outcomes among adults with IDD. She will discuss policy and community based interventions to address these disparities with a focus on how agencies serving IDD can address the health of families of persons with IDD.


Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency Mini-Conference

After participation in this seminar, psychologists will be able to: Identify social determinants that are associated with poor health outcomes and health disparities; Develop strategies to address challenges to health equity; Describe the role and culture and environment in access and engagement in health care for individuals with disability


National Center for Cultural Competence Leadership Academy - Application Process is Open

The Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence is excited to offer the first in a series of five Leadership Academies that will be conducted on June 22-25, 2015 in Santa Fe, NM. The Leadership Academy is a collaborative, multi-faceted initiative with a goal to increase the number and capacity of leaders to advance and sustain cultural and linguistic competence and respond to the growing cultural diversity among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the US, its territories, and tribal communities.


African American Symposium on Disabilities

The Annual African American Symposium on Disabilities is a one-day conference providing culturally relevant information and resources to self-advocates, families and professionals. What started as an Arizona DD Network and Independent Living Center collaboration has since grown to include individuals, local organizations, and state agencies related to disability and from the greater community.


Building Connections with Hmong families: Culturally Competent Approaches to Child Development LTSAE Webinar

This webinar is designed for professionals who are interested in learning more about culturally specific and relevant strategies working with Hmong families with young children. Cultural views of disability and child development will be discussed. Resources and materials from "Learn the Signs. Act Early." will be highlighted.
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