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The COVID-19 Vax: Keeping it 100

A conversation with health professionals to address the misinformation and concerns associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Our panelist will discuss COVID-19 variant combinations, COVID-19 vaccines for children, and COVID-19 vaccine boosters.


Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

Pac Rim 2016 addresses the question: How do we innovate to bring more people from the margins of society into the center where they can live to their full potential? Find answers by connecting with a diverse group of people working on the front lines. By meeting face-to-face in the digital age. By inspiring others in telling your story, sharing your research or best practices. By getting excited by the energy and ideas in the room with you.


National Center on Inclusive Education Summer Institute: When Behavior Gets in the Way: Creating Caring Schools and Communities

This conference from the UNH Institute on Disability's National Center on Inclusive Education (NCIE) Summer Institute will provide learning experiences for families, educators, community service providers, community mental health professionals, and self-advocates who are working to promote inclusive education and transition experiences for students who have challenging behaviors.


29th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

The theme for the 29th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity-Being in Community-embraces the ideals of all people living together harmoniously and happily in a barrier-free world without fear of exclusion from social, economic or political life.


29th Pacific Rim International Forum on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities



AAIDD 2011: Inclusive Communities: Pathways to Realizing the Vision

This year's annual conference, centered on Inclusive Communities, will feature professionals sharing guidelines on the effective practices, research and updated policies regarding the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Topics covered at the conference include: aging, education, employment, person centered supports, community access and many more.


Application of Social Media and Web Collaboration

Learn about the potential applications of social media within the MCH community. An overview of online collaborative work and meeting space applications will be provided for fostering effective partnership with your colleagues at a distance. This presentation will enable you to better communicate and connect with your partners, stakeholders and community.


MCH Training Program Web Cast: Effects of Interdisciplinary Training on MCH Professionals, Organizations and Systems

This webinar presents results of an MCHB-funded study of the effects of interdisciplinary training on 208 students, fellows, and dental residents who participated in training programs at the UNC-Chapel Hill, from 2001 through 2008.
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