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Health Equity Trainings for LEND, DBP, & UCEDD Faculty, Staff, & Leadership

The following health equity trainings are available to LEND, DBP, and UCEDD faculty, staff, and leadership. The max capacity for each training date is 40 participants. Trainings are on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration deadline is Friday, August 5th. Please note that 3 Continuing Education Contact Hours are available for both trainings.


Data Coordinators Quarterly + Annual Meeting

NIRS Data Coordinators from all Centers and Programs meet quarterly and also have an annual meeting in conjunction with the annual conference. This October 2021 meeting will serve as both the quarterly and annual Data Coordinators meeting and will cover topics of interest to all NIRS users.


Orientation for Charting Your Course: A Toolkit for New UCEDD Directors

Join Matthew Wesley Williams, Author of AUCD's Charting Your Course: A Toolkit for New Directors of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) for a walkthrough of this robust resource. Williams will model and contextualize each section and its modules suited for the current educational landscape. This toolkit contains a series of concepts and exercises designed to help early-stage UCEDD directors begin well in their roles. It is designed to provide concepts, frameworks, and tools that build the capacity of UCEDD directors for organizational and systems leadership.


Calling All Minority-Serving Research Centers within the AUCD Network!

The Langston University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center will use the study findings to highlight the visibility of high-quality research created through MSI-based research centers. The LU-RRTC will also use study findings to make recommendations to policymakers, NIDILRR, and other federal research funding agencies, and other stakeholders on how to address identified challenges.


Guidance for UCEDD Carryover Requests and No-Cost Extensions

ACL grant management specialist LaDeva Harris will present and discuss guidance for UCEDDs requesting carryover of funds into a subsequent budget year. Celia Feinstein, Executive Director of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University and AUCD Board of Directors Immediate Past-President, will address common errors and pitfalls in carryover request submissions.


A UCEDD's Role in Advancing Community Integration and Quality Services

This webinar discussed the UCEDDs' role in community integration and introduced a new toolkit developed by AUCD that highlights the UCEDDs' specific functions in this area.
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