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AUCD 2016 Conference: Navigating Change, Building Our Future Together

The AUCD 2016 Conference, "Navigating Change: Building our Future Together," highlights both the change that comes at the end of a Presidential term as well as our need to work together to create a future in which children and adults with disabilities are able to participate fully in all aspects of life as valued members of their communities. Join us to engage in powerful, important, and inspiring personal and professional discourse on December 4-7 in Washington, DC.


2016 AUCD Conference


2015 AUCD Conference

The 2015 AUCD Conference will be held at the Washington, DC, Renaissance Hotel.


2014 AUCD Conference

The 2014 AUCD Conference will be held at the Washington, DC, Renaissance Hotel.


Regional Genetic Collaborative (RC) / LEND Virtual Meeting

AUCD and the National Coordinating Center of ACMG have organized this meeting to bring together representatives of the Regional Genetic Services Collaboratives with staff and faculty from the LEND programs to discuss progress on action plans and build on collaborations begun in November 2013 during the in-person meeting in Washington D.C.


2013 AUCD Conference

The 2013 AUCD Conference will be held at the Washington, DC, Renaissance Hotel.


Regional Genetic Services Collaboratives/LEND Joint Meeting


AUCD and the Multicultural Council Present: Organizations and Developing Culturally Competent Parent Support Groups

The development of support groups for families and individuals with disabilities can be a vital outreach and research component of UCEDDs/LENDs. Implementing culturally and linguistically competent support groups for diverse populations will provide UCEDDs/LENDs the opportunity to serve underserved populations while developing trust and relationships to increase diversity in research projects. This webinar presented best practices on developing culturally and linguistically competent support groups and utilizing support groups in research. Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities highlighted two of its projects: Hispanic Parent Support Group and Parent Stress Intervention Research Project.
pdf File Organizations and Developing Culturally Competent Parent Support Groups PPTs [download]


AUCD Workshop: Essential Genetics for UCEDD and LEND Directors

Workshop Overview Our knowledge of the genetic basis for disease has expanded exponentially in the last few decades, and in the future these discoveries will guide the evaluation and treatment of patients and their families. Therefore, competency in basic clinical genetics is essential for all healthcare professionals and should be integrated into LEND and UCEDD educational experiences. In this workshop a team-based learning format will be used to provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help participants integrate genetics into the care that they provide to individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities.


2012 AUCD Conference: Innovating Today, Shaping Tomorrow


Thank you to all who attended and participated in the 2012 AUCD Conference! We had a great time learning and sharing the newest in promising practices and innovations that shape the lives of people with disabilities and their families through research, policy, education, and service. We continue to post additional session materials, photos, and wrap up items on the conference website and in the app, so check back often, and save the date for Nov 16-20, 2013.


Southeast Regional Consortium and AUCD Presents! Genetic Factors Contributing to Disability

This webinar (1) described how genetic and genomic medicine is impacting the field of developmental disabilities (2) compared and contrasted three types of clinical genetic tests that are routinely performed in individuals with developmental disabilities, including cytogenetic, molecular and biochemical testing (3) discussed selected examples of genetic conditions that cause developmental disabilities and (4) discussed the indications, benefits and limitations, and process for interpreting clinical genetic testing.


2010 AUCD Annual Meeting & Conference

"Going to Scale: Making What Works Accessible to All"

There are few greater efficiencies in our field than building on the ideas of others, learning what to do and what not to do in developing programs, and gaining invaluable insights into what works and why. Attend the 2010 AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference and share in making what works accessible to all.



2009 AUCD Conference

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