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2024 Disability Policy Seminar Orientation and Policy Education 101 Workshop

Webinar Description: This workshop will help trainees learn how to educate policymakers in DC and at home as well as teach them to connect their experience and expertise to policy. The workshop will help prepare trainees for the 2024 Disability Policy Seminar taking place from April 8-10, 2024, in Washinton, DC. More webinar details and content will be coming soon!


Family Support 101: Understanding Policies that Support Family and Family Caregivers for Trainees.

AUCD hosted a webinar for trainees to learn about policies that support family and family caregivers. The participants received an overview and history of family support, current needs of families and family caregivers and policies and practices of Respite.
pdf File 11-14-2023 Family Support 101 Slides.pdf [download]


Medicaid Education 101 for Trainees: Learn About Medicaid and Home and Community Based Services

AUCD hosted an educational webinar for trainees to learn about the structure and financing of the Medicaid program and Home and Community-Based Services. The speakers provided an overview of the Medicaid program and its structure and financing. The webinar also provided an overview of what is happening in Congress and the Administration regarding the Medicaid program.


2022 Disability Policy Seminar Orientation & Policy Education 101

This webinar will prepare participants to attend the 2022 Disability Policy Seminar. AUCD's policy team will review the basics of how the federal government operates, provide tips for meeting with policymakers, and how to frame policy priorities for effective impact.
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