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Strategies for Writing Manuscript for Peer Review


AIR-P Presents: Evaluating the Use of Flexible Seating for Neurotypical and Neurodivergent Children

In this webinar, Laura will begin by discussing the research to practice gap in autism education, before emphasizing the need to take a collaborative approach when it comes to meeting the needs of autistic young people in school. Laura will then focus on a case example of a research-practice partnership, where researchers at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) worked collaboratively with staff from an inclusive school for children aged 4-11 years, to evaluate the use of flexible seating in classrooms.


AIR-P Presents: Sensory Inclusive Clinical Spaces: Guidance for Providers

The urgency for sensory considerations in clinics has never been more pressing as clinical services transition from remote to in-person. Dr. Nunez will present strategies to create sensory inclusive clinical spaces for patients of all ages. The webinar will focus on outpatient clinical care and methods to support patients that will benefit from sensory considerations in medical care.


AIR-P Presents: Involving Community Partners in Autism Research

This presentation by Dr. Lisa Croen and Dr. Maria Massolo from Kaiser Permanente will: -review the principles of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) -discuss its late arrival to the field of autism research highlighting the ongoing contributions of AASPIRE -review US government support of patient centered research through PCORI funding. They will illustrate the benefits of collaborating with community partners by presenting a project in which a team of researchers and a team of autistic community advocates are co-producing autism research.


NIRS Kick-Off Webinar

This webinar will provide a review of updates to NIRS for the new program reporting year, updates supporting federal reporting requirements, and address recommendations from federal funders and database users to help improve your database experience. These updates will be followed by Q&A and open floor discussion and will be recorded and archived. UCEDD and LEND Data Coordinators are strongly recommended to participate.
pdf File 2023 NIRS Kickoff Powerpoint [download]


UCEDD 5-Year Final Report Webinar

All UCEDD 5-Year Final Reports are due to OIDD on September 28, 2022. This webinar provides the opportunity for UCEDDs to review and discuss (1) OIDD's UCEDD 5-Year Final reporting requirements, (2) how AUCD's National Information Reporting System (NIRS) supports the development of the UCEDD 5-Year Final Report, and (3) how OIDD reviews and scores each UCEDD 5-Year Final Report.


AIR-P Presents: Systems Approaches in Autism Services Research

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Dora Raymaker, on the following topics: -An overview of systems approaches to inquiry, including systems thinking and action research -An overview of relevant concepts and methodologies within these approaches, including leverage, generative causality, system dynamics, and critical systems heuristics -Using leverage to identify how to create to long-term change through intervention -Real-world examples of using systems approaches within autism employment research and public health


NIRS Quarterly Data Coordinator's Meeting

At this meeting, AUCD's TA team reviews upcoming federal reporting deadlines and upcoming webinars in August. This webinar also covers guidance and tips for data cleaning. We will also provide UCEDD-specific updates and LEND/DBP-specific updates in preparation for the end of the reporting year. These updates will be followed by Q&A and open floor discussions.
pdf File NIRS Quarterly Call Agenda [download]


Inclusive Public Health Communication Workshop Series: Segmented Public Health Messages

Segmented Public Health Messaging will help participants harness the power of storytelling to enhance messaging and evoke emotion and compassion within a diverse audience. Content will focus specifically on weaving social justice themes into your content, and building audience engagement by highlighting community efforts to combat health inequities.


AIR-P & HWRN Present: Food Selectivity in Autism: Causes, Consequences, and Remediation

AIR-P is collaborating with the Healthy Weight Research Network (HWRN) to present a webinar on: Food Selectivity in Autism. Read more in the full event page description.


AIR-P Presents: Autism in Girls and Women

In this webinar, Dr. Christine Wu Nordahl will provided an overview of current research focused on understanding autism in girls and women. Topics included biological and clinical theories about: -the difference in the sex ratio of autism -current insights into neurobiological sex differences in autism -unique challenges faced by autistic girls and women


Inclusive Public Health Communication Workshop Series: Content Development for Social Media

Content Development for Social Media will help participants plan messaging campaigns for social media to promote & disseminate public health communications during and post-COVID-19. Content will focus specifically on reaching neurodivergent populations and those with multiple intersectional marginalized identities.


2022 Emerging Leaders End of Year Webinar

This webinar is to celebrate the end of the academic year and share professional development tips with outgoing and continuing trainees in the Emerging Leaders Community, including advice on staying engaged with the AUCD network. Participants can also expect to hear from alumni trainees on how their training experience has helped them achieve professional and personal goals.


Introduction to the LEND Program Quality Improvement (LPQI) Network

Join the LEND Program Quality Improvement (LPQI) Network and AUCD's Interdisciplinary Technical Assistance Center (ITAC) on Friday, May 20th for an interactive discussion about LPQI, a national quality improvement (QI) initiative for interdisciplinary training programs.
pdf File Meeting Slides [download]


AIR-P Presents: Tele-therapy for autism during COVID-19: A survey of parents in Southern California

In this webinar, Dr. Kristen Choi will discuss emerging evidence on using telehealth to deliver therapy to children with autism spectrum disorder (e.g., speech therapy, occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis). Using data from a recent survey of parents in Southern California, the mental health impact of the pandemic on parents and their children will be discussed, as well as how COVID-related stress affected perceptions of telehealth.
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