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2016 AUCD Conference


2015 AUCD Conference

The 2015 AUCD Conference will be held at the Washington, DC, Renaissance Hotel.


2014 AUCD Conference

The 2014 AUCD Conference will be held at the Washington, DC, Renaissance Hotel.


2012 AUCD Conference: Innovating Today, Shaping Tomorrow


Thank you to all who attended and participated in the 2012 AUCD Conference! We had a great time learning and sharing the newest in promising practices and innovations that shape the lives of people with disabilities and their families through research, policy, education, and service. We continue to post additional session materials, photos, and wrap up items on the conference website and in the app, so check back often, and save the date for Nov 16-20, 2013.


Health Care for Persons with ID/DD: Trends, Characteristics and Challenges

pdf File Final Presentation [download]


Supplemental Surveillance, Mammography Prevalence by Disability Type 2005-2008 NHIS

Supplemental Surveillance, Mammography Prevalence by Disability Type 2005-2008 NHIS


Webinar: Built Environment, Disability, and Health Aging

Join us for the next quarterly topical webinar in December when we will examine the built environment, disability, and healthy aging. This webinar is supported by the AARP Public Policy Institute, the EPA Aging Initiative and the Collaborative on Health and Environment at AAIDD.


2010 AUCD Annual Meeting & Conference

"Going to Scale: Making What Works Accessible to All"

There are few greater efficiencies in our field than building on the ideas of others, learning what to do and what not to do in developing programs, and gaining invaluable insights into what works and why. Attend the 2010 AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference and share in making what works accessible to all.



Resource Center Highlight Series



2010 Disability and Health Partners Meeting Proceedings Available

CDC logo imageCurrent topics in health care access and policy, surveillance, evaluation, developing your success story, and community partners were examined in concurrent breakout sessions, networking socials, and round table discussions. Plenary panels featured engaging, interactive dialogue on critical issues which impact all partners at a national, regional, and state level, such as emergency preparedness, measuring success, and access to health care for people with disabilities.


Topical Webinar Series on Disability and Health: Integrating Disability Awareness and Women's Reproductive Health

This webinar will introduce participants to a newly-developed online resource devoted to promoting reproductive health care for women with disabilities. This interactive recorded program, "Reproductive Health Care for Women with Disabilities," was developed through a partnership between the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is designed to be an easily navigable source of information to assist clinicians providing care to women with physical, developmental, and sensory disabilities. The webinar will conclude with a question and answer period.


Webinar: Building and Updating Your Home for Accessibility

Topical Call: Building and Updating Your Home for Accessibility Speaker: Catherine Leigh Graham


2009 AUCD Conference



Built Environment Instruments Addressing Health Promoting Behaviors


Emergency Registries for People with Disabilities and Activity Limitations - An Effective Tool or False Expectations - Where Are We?

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