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Mailman Center Hosts: Innovation and Connection Conference 2022

The conference will bring together experts in early childhood development to discuss challenges and opportunities for the care and wellness of young children as they grow up in a pandemic. Speakers will discuss the physical and emotional impacts of COVID-19 on children 0-5 and their families and highlight ways in which early childhood personnel and allied health professionals can better support young children's well-being and development through practice and policy.


Act Early Forum Webinar Series: The 4 Steps to Early Identification in a Special Population: Leveraging Project SCOPE to Support Families of Young Children

This webinar will highlight the work of the Project SCOPE (Supporting Children of the Opioid Epidemic) National Training Initiative to integrate "Learn the Signs. Act Early." resources and tools into the curriculum used in 14 states. Project SCOPE uses the ECHO model to increase the knowledge and skills of interdisciplinary audiences (e.g., early childhood educators, early interventionists, therapists, public health professionals) who work with children with prenatal opioid exposure and other related trauma exposures and their caregivers.


Assessing Family Needs by Going Through Their Day... and Their Worries and Desires for Change

Family assessment is required in IDEA Part C but is important throughout childhood and youth. A unique way to determine family needs is a Routines-Based Intervention, especially if it involves asking about time for yourself, what you worry about, and what you'd like to change in your life. This intervention leads to outcomes/goals meaningful to families and functional for children.


Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Conference

The Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative* is excited to offer a virtual training series about Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. The purpose of this month-long May Event is to raise awareness and offer educational opportunities for professionals working with children 0-6 and their families. This critical workforce includes, among others, early childhood mental health professionals, early interventionists, early childhood educators, home visiting professionals, families, and caregivers.
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