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FY 2013 NIRS Roll-out Webinar

This webinar introduced participants to the changes made in the FY 2013 iteration of NIRS. During the webinar, we provided live demonstrations of all the recently updated features, and participants had the opportunity to ask questions.


The Latest MCH Data on MCHB's Discretionary Grant Information System (DGIS)

Please join us for this live webinar to hear about the DGIS Web Reports for MCH Workforce Development and to get a first look at the 2010 data, particularly focusing on new data collected around former and medium trainees.


National Presidential Forum on Disability Issues

A non-partisan forum where presidential contenders offered their visions on policy that affects people with disabilities. Go to to view the webcast of the entire event and download the full transcript! With the election less than two weeks away take the time to learn where the candidates stand on issues important to you! You can search the transcript for key issues and phrases.


AUCD and Me: Benefits of Your Membership in the AUCD Network

What is the AUCD network? How will AUCD help me this year and into my career? How can I get involved in the Network? Listen to the recorded webinar if you missed the live webinar on October 10th.


2012 Science of Eliminating Health Disparities Summit: Building a Healthier Society... Integrating Science, Policy, and Practice

The 2012 Science of Eliminating Health Disparities Summit is an HHS-wide endeavor involving a broad spectrum of the federal government that seeks to advance activities to eliminate health disparities. The agenda will build on the momentum of the 2008 Summit and the increased interest of federal agencies to demonstrate their commitment towards improving the health of all Americans. Registration is free.


2012 AUCD Conference: Innovating Today, Shaping Tomorrow


Thank you to all who attended and participated in the 2012 AUCD Conference! We had a great time learning and sharing the newest in promising practices and innovations that shape the lives of people with disabilities and their families through research, policy, education, and service. We continue to post additional session materials, photos, and wrap up items on the conference website and in the app, so check back often, and save the date for Nov 16-20, 2013.


Promoting Best Practices in Foster Care through Innovative Training of Community Providers: A Model

pdf File Promoting Best Practices in Foster Care through Innovative Training: A Model [download]


Emergency Preparedness-What Does That Mean For People With I/DD, Their Families, And Their Communities?

Emergency preparedness is an essential part of living for any individual or family. For those with intellectual disabilities, their families, or those providing support, however, emergency preparedness may require more specific plans of support. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a number of resources to prepare and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities before, during, and after natural disasters. Of key importance is the implementation of self-determination practices in this area. One example of this implementation is the ?Feeling Safe, Being Safe? training curriculum through which individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have become advocates and trainers in emergency preparedness.


Building Inclusion through Creative Hiring and Collaboration

This webinar will provide the creative tools that will help to create an intentionally inclusive environment or workplace. Sponsored by the Southeast ADA Center.


Strategies for Developing and Sustaining Partnerships with Underrepresented Communities

This webinar reviewed evidence-based practices for developing and sustaining culturally appropriate partnerships with underrepresented communities.
pdf File Developing and Sustaining Partnerships.pdf [download]


Flipping the Classroom

During this AUCD-NCEDC webinar, Patricia S. Lynch, PhD, will present an overview of what 'flipping a classroom' is and how it has worked for her. Dr. Lynch will show her current classroom structure and discuss how the students perform using the flipped structure. Dr. Lynch will also discuss how 'flipping' might be applicable to community education and beyond.


Disability Policy Seminar Orientation For Students, Trainees, and Early Career Professionals

This webinar offered students, trainees and early career professionals an orientation to the policy issues and current legislation one can expect to learn more about at the 2013 Disability Policy Seminar. In addition, attendees learned the basics of how to meet with Congressional representatives and deliver a unified message about federally funded programs that benefit people with disabilities.
pdf File PowerPoint Slides [download]


Revising the ICD Definition of Intellectual Disability: Implications and Recommendations

The 11th iteration of the ICD is under development; AUCD and AAIDD have both been part of the WHO process for stakeholder input on the condition previously known as "mental retardation." Join us to hear more about this process.


2013 Disability Policy Seminar Trainee Symposium

On Sunday evening immediately before the 2013 Disability Policy Seminar, AUCD is hosting a special Trainee Symposium and Reception. Hill staffers will provide a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to live and work on Capitol Hill and share the ins and outs of some current legislative items, and trainees will have plenty of time to meet others from around the country.
doc File DPS13 Flyer for Posting [download]


2013 Disability Policy Seminar

The 2013 Disability Policy Seminar is the biggest and best opportunity for advocates to advance the grassroots movement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This unique platform offers you the opportunity to come together with other advocates, learn about the issues, and speak with your elected officials about what is important to you. Hosted by: The Arc, UCP, AUCD, AAIDD, NACDD, and SABE
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