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Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #4

It is well documented meaningful relationships are connected to better health, social, and quality of life outcomes for all people, including people with disabilities. Relationships can help to create a greater sense of identity, self-worth, and belonging. Relationships are important, but they can look different for all of us. Join us to hear from self-advocates as they talk about their experiences being married, dating, partnered, and single. Sex Talk #4, Relationship Experiences, will focus on the personal relationship experiences of self-advocates as they join our panel of sexual health educators.


Diversity in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Please join us to hear about national work and discuss issues pertinent to diversity issues in autism spectrum disorder. Brian Be, an artist, self-advocate, peer mentor and LEND fellow with The University of Colorado will moderate a three expert panel presentation and facilitate questions and comments from webinar participants.


Hearing our Voices: Treatment Needs of Young Adults with IDD and Mental Health Conditions

The Intellectual and Developmental Disability Mental Health (IDD-MH) Research Partnership identified eight priority topic areas for young adults with IDD-MH that will be reviewed in this webinar. These priorities highlight the importance of community-based options, choice, autonomy, and control for young adults with IDD-MH. We will also share our recommendations to advance research, policy, and practice in areas important to young adults with IDD-MH.
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2019 AUCD Trainee End of the Year Webinar: Maximizing Your Training Experience

Before you wrap up your training and/or coursework, please come join us for the webinar led by AUCD's Emerging Leaders Interns, Shayla and Nell. They will provide prompts for you to reflect on the importance of your LEND, UCEDD, DBP or IDDRC traineeship; share practical tips for how to stay connected with the AUCD network no matter what your next steps are; and, most importantly, how you can use what you've learned over the past year to advance your professional goals.
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Graphic Recording and Facilitation with Inky Brittany

Graphic recording and facilitation is the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences.
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Policy Post Session: A Webinar for AUCD Emerging Leaders who attended DPS2019

Join us to learn about next steps after attending the 2019 Disability Policy Seminar. You'll get tips about how to follow up with your policymakers.
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Importance of Sexual Health for Individuals with IDD

Sexual health is an important topic for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Unfortunately, conversations related to sexual health are often not fully addressed or are pushed aside because of fear, lack of comfort with the topic, or lack of information. Join us for a webinar on the importance of sexual health for individuals with IDD. Participants will hear from Joe Shapiro from NPR and Barbara Thomas from the Tall Institute as they discuss why this sensitive topic needs to be addressed.
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Power to the Profession

There are more than 40 million children birth through age 8 in America. One of the best things our country can do to support and improve outcomes for these children and their families is to make significant, substantial, and sustained investments in high-quality early childhood education. And because positive relationships are at the core of quality, investing specifically in early childhood educators is the best thing we can do to improve early childhood education. That is why Power to the Profession is focused on equitably advancing an effective, diverse, and well-compensated early childhood education profession across states and settings. Power to the Profession is a national collaboration to define the early childhood profession by establishing a unifying framework for career pathways, knowledge and competencies, qualifications, standards and compensation. Learn more about this powerful initiative and how you can be involved!


Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #5

Join us for Sex Talk for Self-Advocates Webinar #5. This webinar focuses on birth control and contraception for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This webinar is part of an on-going series that addresses self-advocate questions about relationships and sexuality. This series is a great learning opportunity for self-advocates, and professionals and paraprofessionals working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to better understand sexual health needs.
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@AUCDNews Twitter chat #HealthyTeeth4all

This Twitter chat will engage the overall disability community in a conversation on oral health and encourage sharing of helpful resources. Based on what is shared, AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health will create a brief, which will be available by the ADA Anniversary at the end of July.


Violence and Mental Illness: The Real Story

The stigma associated with mental illness is based in lack of understanding and fear. It has persisted despite increased knowledge about the underlying nature of disorders. Recent events have led to further stigmatization by suggesting a direct link between mental illness and mass gun violence. This presentation will review history of stigma, describe facts on the relationship between mental illness and violence, identify underlying risk factors for gun violence, and suggest rational approaches to prevention.


2019 Welcome Webinar: Connect and Get Involved with AUCD!

Welcome to the AUCD network, 2019 -2020 Trainees! On Friday, September 27th, we learned more about how you can connect and get involved with the AUCD network. The two AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns, Meghan and Jazmin, were excited to actively engage with you all to share resources and opportunities to help you make the most out of your traineeship! They look forward to getting to know everyone this upcoming year.


Aligning Apprenticeship Ecosystems with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities

As part of an ongoing formal Alliance between AUCD and the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), AUCD is cohosting a webinar with ODEP and the Office on Apprenticeship at the Department of Labor on ODEPs new apprenticeship initiatives. AUCD is helping to share this information broadly and envisioning how this work can fit into other activities AUCD and its member network are engaged in including services to transition-aged youth, inclusive postsecondary, competitive integrated employment, interactions with employers, and employment research.


2020 AUCD Leadership Academy Informational Webinar

This webinar will offer interested potential applicants an opportunity to interact with AUCD Leadership Academy faculty and alumni. The webinar will feature a brief overview of the 2020 Academy curriculum and timeline. This will be followed by reflections from alumni about the benefits they gained from participation in the week-long academy and the follow-up activities.


2020 AUCD Emerging Leaders End of the Year Webinar: Launching Your Life After Training

Join us for a celebration of your achievements and a lesson on launching your life after training! AUCD's Emerging Leaders Interns, Meghan and Jazmin will demonstrate how to market your LEND, UCEDD, DBP or IDDR training for professional growth, stress the importance of staying connected with the EL Community, and share ways to get involved with the AUCD network-your professional home!
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