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EIEC Webinar: Updating the DEC Recommended Practices

DEC is currently updating the Recommended Practices and has appointed a Commission to oversee the activities associated with that workscope. The Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center is supporting the Commission work through their OSEP cooperative agreement. This webinar will give an overview of the Commission's work to update the practices as well as the work of the Topical Work Group on Screening and Assessment. This will be a discussion format.
pdf File Updating the DEC Recommended Practices.pdf [download]


NCEDC Webinar: Web 2.0: 10 Years On

As we head into the second decade of Web 2.0 (and its' awkward teenage years), let's take some time to examine what Web 2.0 was, is and will become. We'll examine what role different platforms play in our workflow, communication and marketing. And we'll ask some intriguing questions: Is Web 2.0 just for nerds? Did Web 2.0 elect a President, twice? And seriously, what is Twitter for?


Enhancing the Effectiveness of Consumer Advisory Committees (CACs)

UCEDDs continue to explore different approaches for enhancing meaningful participation of their CACs. Some states report a disconnect between the efforts of the CAC and the work of the UCEDD. This webinar provides an opportunity for UCEDDs and CAC members to share some innovative practices and strategies that have been found useful in enhancing the effectiveness of CACs.
pdf File CAC Webinar 062613 Final.pdf [download]


Diagnosis Webinar - Autism and the DSM V


Act Early Forum Webinar Series: Creative Ways to Reach Hard to Reach Populations - Part 1 of 2: Addressing Disparities in "Learn the Signs. Act Early.": Reaching Families at Risk for Child Maltreatment

pdf File Creative Ways to Reach Hard to Reach Populations Addressing Disparities in LTSAE - Reaching Families at Risk for Child Maltreatment.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: How Persistent are Developmental Delays in Young Children in the US?

This presentation will explore this issue using data from 2 longitudinal samples of US children. The findings have important implications for how developmental services should be configured. This talk is geared toward MCH professionals who work with young children at risk for developmental difficulties.
pdf File How Persistent are Developmental Delays in Young Children in the US? Presentation [download]


NCEDC Webinar: Self-Advocacy Online & Research Translation: Fuller Participation for Individuals with ID/DD

Self-Advocacy Online is an educational and networking website for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is a place to find accessible information on current topics in self-advocacy. Key areas of the site include a listing of self-advocacy groups, a video story wall, an online learning center, and research studies translated into accessible documents.


Overcoming Challenges to Conducting Research with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A webinar from AUCD's Council on Research and Evaluation


Affordable Care Act Implementation: What Happens Next?

Do you still have questions about what the Affordable Care Act means for people with disabilities? Open enrollment starts October 1, and health coverage starts January 1, so join this timely webinar to learn about the current status of ACA implementation and some key details important for people with disabilities, families and professionals.
pdf File Affordable Care Act Implementation: What Happens Next? Power Point Presentation [download]


Amazing Brain Webinar Series, Part V: Exploring the Brain with Functional MRI


EIEC Webinar: IDEA Reauthorization: A Chance for a Redo and Revise for Infants and Young Children and their Families

pdf File IDEA Reauthorization .pdf [download]


Act Early Forum Webinar Series: Creative Ways to Reach Hard to Reach Populations - Part 2 of 2: Addressing Literacy in Low Income Families with "Learn the Signs. Act Early."

pdf File Addressing Literacy in Low Income Families with LTSAE.pdf [download]


NCEDC Webinar: Collaboration between Core Functions: Supporting Families and Educating Students

This webinar will describe ways the Boggs Center, NJs UCEDD, engaged medical students in a Distinction in Service to the Community (DISC) project aimed at meeting the need for staff training of individuals and families self-directing their supports. Faculty and staff of the Boggs Center mentored medical students as they worked with families in the development of individualized lessons for DSPs. The project resulted in student learning about the community and family lives of people with developmental disabilities and the development of multi-media based lessons that can be used to train direct support professionals.
pdf File Core Function Webinar - AUCD.pdf [download]


A Collaborative Interagency, Interdisciplinary Approach to Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

This Webinar will provide an overview of a paper written by AUCD members who seek to engage in conversations about improving interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration in supporting self-determined transition of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities to adulthood and to community life.
pdf File Transition Report.pdf [download]


Amazing Brain Webinar Series, Part VI: What a Baby Can and Can't Do: Early Brain Development

pdf File What a Baby Can and Can't Do.pdf [download]
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