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29th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

The theme for the 29th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity-Being in Community-embraces the ideals of all people living together harmoniously and happily in a barrier-free world without fear of exclusion from social, economic or political life.


Unique Service Delivery Models and Training in Pediatric Audiology: LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Program Webinar, #4 in Series

This webinar featured presentations from trainees within two LEND pediatric audiology programs: The Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin and the Vanderbilt LEND at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. This webinar is one in a series from MCHB/AUCD LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Programs.


AAIDD 137th Annual Meeting: Race to Catch the Future

This Conference will provide researchers, clinicians, practitioners, educators, policymakers, local, state and federal agencies, and advocates with cutting edge research, effective practices, and valuable information on important policy initiatives. The conference will have thought-provoking plenary sessions concerning emerging issues in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities and ways in which professionals can prepare themselves and their organizations to thrive in a field that is in transition.


Inherent Dignity, Equality and Rights: An International Conference on Human Rights and Community Living

The conference brings together researchers, policy makers, activists and practitioners to share scholarship and ideas, and provides a forum for Nordic and international collaboration in intellectual disability studies. The first conference takes place in June 18 in Oslo, Norway, under the title Human righs and rule of law. The second conference takes place in June 20 in Trondheim, Norway, under the title Living conditions and quality of life.


AUCD and the Multicultural Council Present: The Role of Self-Assessment in Achieving Cultural & Linguistic Competence

pdf File Goode CLC self-assessment 7 15 13.pdf [download]


The Arc 2013 National Convention

Plan to join The Arc in Bellevue, WA on Seattle's East side for the 2013 National Convention from August 3-5 where we'll be Achieving Momentum in the movement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Come to Washington to discover new information, new programs, new technology, and new ways for you to keep moving forward with your goals as well! Join hundreds of other individuals, families, advocates, experts, and professionals in the field for three days of informative sessions, unique events, and opportunities to connect.


EIEC Webinar: How Persistent are Developmental Delays in Young Children in the US?

This presentation will explore this issue using data from 2 longitudinal samples of US children. The findings have important implications for how developmental services should be configured. This talk is geared toward MCH professionals who work with young children at risk for developmental difficulties.
pdf File How Persistent are Developmental Delays in Young Children in the US? Presentation [download]


AUCD and the Multicultural Council Present: Organizations and Developing Culturally Competent Parent Support Groups

The development of support groups for families and individuals with disabilities can be a vital outreach and research component of UCEDDs/LENDs. Implementing culturally and linguistically competent support groups for diverse populations will provide UCEDDs/LENDs the opportunity to serve underserved populations while developing trust and relationships to increase diversity in research projects. This webinar presented best practices on developing culturally and linguistically competent support groups and utilizing support groups in research. Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities highlighted two of its projects: Hispanic Parent Support Group and Parent Stress Intervention Research Project.
pdf File Organizations and Developing Culturally Competent Parent Support Groups PPTs [download]


Overcoming Challenges to Conducting Research with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A webinar from AUCD's Council on Research and Evaluation


AUCD Network: Learn the Benefits of Your Membership

What is the AUCD network? How will AUCD help me this year and into my career? How can I get involved in the Network? This webinar took place on October 8 and the audience learned the answers to these questions and more as they begin at a LEND or UCEDD.
pdf File Membership Benefits.pdf [download]


Helping Patients Navigate the Current Landscape of Genetic Testing During Pregnancy and Ensuring They Receive Reliable Support and Information

The University of Kentucky's Human Development Institute (HDI) has created a National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources that oversees three programs that complement each other in providing important resources and information for new and expectant parents learning about a diagnosis of Down syndrome. These programs include the Lettercase program, Brighter Tomorrows, and Down Syndrome Pregnancy. The Center provides this clearinghouse of nationally recommended resources so that medical practitioners, expectant parents, and new parents have access to accurate, current and balanced information about Down syndrome. The activities of the Center include the dissemination of free resources to medical providers and their patients, the development of new materials, and national medical outreach through presentations at medical conferences and journals.
pdf File Webinar PowerPoint Slides [download]


14th Chronic Illness and Disability Conference Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care



Next Chapter Book Club & Beyond: A conference on literacy for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Join us for the first-ever conference on literacy for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Next Chapter Book Club and Beyond. The purpose of this conference is to share insights, experiences, and strategies on literacy and lifelong learning for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


13th Annual Autism Conference: Autism - Advances in Research and Services

Hosted by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute, this yearly event is the premier educational autism event in the area for educators, clinicians, families, researchers and healthcare professionals. The sessions & workshops feature high-caliber speakers and presentations by visionaries in the field.This year, the focus will be on advances made in research and services for autism spectrum disorders.


Linking Evidence-based Practices in Behavioral Health Across Services Using Systems Change to Improve Quality of Life for Children and Adults with Dual Diagnosis (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness)

Improving behavioral health outcomes for individuals with IDD requires a framework for training and interagency communication across a variety of educational and human services. This webinar described statewide efforts for improving behavioral health outcomes for all children by working with mental health centers and other organizations to evaluate effectiveness, build the internal capacity, promote wellness, and improve communication.
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