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Innovative Technology for Students with Intellectual Disability in Postsecondary Education: A Webinar from Think College

The use of new technologies, including mixed-reality environments, may provide an alternate and efficient means of helping students succeed socially in postsecondary education. Learn how these new technologies are being used to transform the learning experiences of students with intellectual disability as they work on social skills such as self-advocacy, collaborative learning, and interviewing.


EIEC Webinar: Care Coordination: Definition, Standardization, Models, and Outcomes; Special Populations: Military Families

This webinar began with definitions and models of care coordination and addressed care coordination with military families. Participants learned about work done in Colorado to define and standardize care coordination functions and outcomes; this work may be useful to other states as they design and enact collaborative models of care coordination.
pdf File Care Coordination and Military Families - EIEC Webinar Slides.pdf [download]


Final Reporting for UCEDD Core Grant

AIDD and AUCD presented information related to final reporting and close-out procedures for the UCEDD core grant. There was an opportunity for discussion with participants, and the webinar was recorded and archived.
ppt File Powerpoint - 2012 UCEDD Final Progress Report [download]


Webinar: The Perceptions of Past and Current UCEDD Directors on Transitioning in and out of the Role of UCEDD Director

This webinar will present findings from a series of interviews of UCEDD Directors who have retired or left their program in the past five years and of Directors who have stepped into those positions in that same period.


Genetics and Hearing Loss for EDHI Professionals, an online course

This course includes basic to more advanced information on genetics, inheritance, genetic counseling and genes for hearing loss.


Getting Started: Developing Inclusive College Opportunities: A Webinar from Think College

This webinar will provide an overview of the issues involved in developing inclusive postsecondary educational opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities. Experiences from programs that have been developed in two states will be discussed. Information will be relevant for higher education, K-12 education, and families.


EIEC Webinar: Fussy Baby Network Approach to Family Engagement

Developed by the Erikson Institute Fussy Baby Network, this webinar focused on a way of engaging with parents around their urgent concerns about their child while building longer-term parenting capacities such as confidence in themselves and in their knowledge of their child.


National Presidential Forum on Disability Issues

A non-partisan forum where presidential contenders offered their visions on policy that affects people with disabilities. Go to www.NFDI.org to view the webcast of the entire event and download the full transcript! With the election less than two weeks away take the time to learn where the candidates stand on issues important to you! You can search the transcript for key issues and phrases.


CANCELLED: Supporting Diversity in the Developmental Disabilities Network through Minority Partnerships

This webinar has been cancelled until further notice. We will announce it again when a new date has been selected. Thank you.


Self-Advocacy Organizational Development Informational Webinar

This webinar was for people planning or thinking about applying for the Self-Advocacy Organizational Development grants.


2012 Southwest Conference on Disability

The 2012 Conference theme is "Access For All: To Boldly Go Where Everybody Else Has Gone Before."


AUCD and Me: Benefits of Your Membership in the AUCD Network

What is the AUCD network? How will AUCD help me this year and into my career? How can I get involved in the Network? Listen to the recorded webinar if you missed the live webinar on October 10th.


13th Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care

Learn the latest about health care transition without leaving your Center! This conference provides a state-of-the-art update on issues involved in health care transition for youth and young adults with chronic illness and disability and their families from pediatric to adult based services.


Southeast Regional Consortium and AUCD Presents! Genetic Factors Contributing to Disability

This webinar (1) described how genetic and genomic medicine is impacting the field of developmental disabilities (2) compared and contrasted three types of clinical genetic tests that are routinely performed in individuals with developmental disabilities, including cytogenetic, molecular and biochemical testing (3) discussed selected examples of genetic conditions that cause developmental disabilities and (4) discussed the indications, benefits and limitations, and process for interpreting clinical genetic testing.


Approaches to Training Healthcare Providers on Working with Patients with Disabilities

pdf File Approaches to Training Healthcare Providers.pdf [download]
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