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EIEC Webinar: A Conversation about the Obama Administration's Early Childhood Agenda with Sharon Lewis and Jeffrey Capizzano

In this one hour webinar Sharon Lewis, Commissioner at the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) and Jeffrey Capizzano, Senior Policy Advisor for Early Childhood Development and Education in the Administration for Children and Families shared information on opportunities they see within the administration to support early childhood initiatives. This is the first in a series of a webinars on critical issues in early childhood intervention (birth to 5 years) sponsored by the AUCD's EIEC SIG.


EIEC Webinar: The Cost of Serving Infants and Toddlers under Part C

In this one hour webinar, Dr. Sue Brown, Part C Coordinator for the State of Hawaii and Dr. Jean Johnson, Associate Director of the UCEDD at the University of Hawaii discussed extensive statewide expenditure data for one state on the monthly and annual cost of providing early intervention services to infants and toddlers and their families.


EIEC Webinar: The Kansas Early Learning Collaborative- Shared vision, collaboration, and a systems-level perspective on outcomes

In this one hour webinar, Dr. Christopher Smith, Director of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities at Kennedy Krieger Institute will discuss The Kansas Early Learning Collaborative (KELC) which is an innovative collaboration among six major Kansas early learning organizations.


EIEC Webinar: Differential Treatment Intensity Research: A Missing Link in Creating Optimally Effective Interventions

pdf File AUCD Webinar Presentation 2010 SF Warren.pdf [download]


Part C Implementation: State Challenges and Responses

pdf File Part C Implementation State Challenges and Responses.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: Using Data for Improved Results

This webinar focuses on the value and use of data for improved outcomes for young children and their families.

pdf File Using Data for Improved Results 1 24 12.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: Sociodemographic Disparities in Receipt of an IFSP and IEP

pdf File Sociodemographic Disparities in Receipt of an IFSP and IEP.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: The Use of Assistive Technology in Early Intervention

This webinar provided information about how Assistive Technology is used with infants and toddlers in early intervention based on research studies done under the auspices of Tots-N-Tech. This webinar also included information on resources available to help providers or caregivers increase children's learning and participation. There were demonstrations of the Tots-N-Tech web-based Help Desk, the EZ-AT booklet for families, and other related resources.
pdf File campbell AT webinarl 3-27-12.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: Care Coordination: Definition, Standardization, Models, and Outcomes; Special Populations: Military Families

This webinar began with definitions and models of care coordination and addressed care coordination with military families. Participants learned about work done in Colorado to define and standardize care coordination functions and outcomes; this work may be useful to other states as they design and enact collaborative models of care coordination.
pdf File Care Coordination and Military Families - EIEC Webinar Slides.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: Fussy Baby Network Approach to Family Engagement

Developed by the Erikson Institute Fussy Baby Network, this webinar focused on a way of engaging with parents around their urgent concerns about their child while building longer-term parenting capacities such as confidence in themselves and in their knowledge of their child.


EIEC Webinar: Project DIRECT: Operationalizing a Model for Collaborative Consultation to Support Early Childhood Inclusion

The purpose of this webinar was to provide an overview of the key features of a service delivery model designed to support the full participation of all young children, including those with special needs, in high-quality early childhood settings. Participants became aware of the components in this 9-step consultation process. The model is built on evidence-based practices and reflects the field's consensus about the importance of collaborative consultation.


EIEC Webinar: The Family Role in Part C: Two State's Strategies in Promoting Family Involvement

The webinar focused on two critical aspects of family participation in Part C systems and services. The first involved caregiver understanding and orientation to their rights and responsibilities as recipients of Part C services. The second aspect spoke on effective family involvement in local and state interagency coordinating councils.


EIEC Webinar: State Part C Eligibility Definitions: Who do states make candidates for Part C services?

Researchers have found large discrepancies between states in Part C early intervention eligibility criteria for children with developmental delays. These discrepancies and more will be discussed during this webinar.
pdf File Part C Eligibility1.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: Updating the DEC Recommended Practices

DEC is currently updating the Recommended Practices and has appointed a Commission to oversee the activities associated with that workscope. The Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center is supporting the Commission work through their OSEP cooperative agreement. This webinar will give an overview of the Commission's work to update the practices as well as the work of the Topical Work Group on Screening and Assessment. This will be a discussion format.
pdf File Updating the DEC Recommended Practices.pdf [download]


EIEC Webinar: How Persistent are Developmental Delays in Young Children in the US?

This presentation will explore this issue using data from 2 longitudinal samples of US children. The findings have important implications for how developmental services should be configured. This talk is geared toward MCH professionals who work with young children at risk for developmental difficulties.
pdf File How Persistent are Developmental Delays in Young Children in the US? Presentation [download]
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