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7 Tips for Sending Smarter E-Mail

Read more about e-mail etiquette when sending an email to a prospective employer.



The Non-Boring Way To Show Off Your Soft Skills In Your Job Search

Have you ever described yourself on your resume or in your cover letter as a "hard worker" with a "positive attitude" who is able to "learn quickly?" Let guess - did your job application seem to disappear into the HR black hole? Here's why. While the prevalence of applicant tracking systems, which match up job applications with the skills listed in the job description, has grown, in the end there's still a human doing the final screening. And humans don't connect with a series of keywords - they connect with good stories. In other words, don't sell yourself short by just throwing in flat, overused words to describe your soft skills.



7 Networking Tips for Job Seekers

College students, career changers and other newcomers to their chosen field can and should use networking events and job fairs to meet key industry players who could put them on the path to employment. Read seven tips for job seekers to make the most of their time at these events.



10 Job Search Tips for Introverts

Even for the most outgoing, extroverted types, a job search can be a stressful time riddled with anxiety. For an introvert, the process can be downright paralyzing. Even though introverts are often creative, thoughtful and work well with others, it often seems that extroverts have the edge in the job search process. But introverts can make the job search easier and more successful by focusing on their best traits and emphasizing their strengths to prospective employers. Here are 10 tips to overcome - and even take advantage of - your shy, reserved nature.



Conquering Career Fairs: Tips for Individuals on How to Approach Mass Job Hunt

Whether they're held in malls, on campuses or in convention centers, career fairs offer a one - stop shop for job seekers to connect with multiple recruiters under one roof. How can individuals prepare for career fairs and distinguish themselves among a crowded crop of equally eager job-seekers? Here are a few tips.



Savvy Job Seekers use Internal 'Sponsors' and 'Coaches'

Still not obtaining that coveted job, even though you've been doing the right prep work? Maybe it's time to find internal "sponsors" or "coaches." These are company insiders who can provide tips about the company and potential positions. They can also serve as your personal advocates or references as you compete for jobs within the company.



9 Tips for Conducting a Remote Job Search

Looking to move to another city, state, or country? Trying to secure a job before you move there can feel daunting. It doesn't have to. If you follow these tips, you can jump-start your search, and maybe even land a position before you move.



How to Conduct a Long Distance Job Search

Job searching long distance and attracting the attention of employers outside your home area can be a challenging task. Many employers view local candidates as safer prospects than those who would need to relocate. The key is to indicate that you are planning to relocate and that you're flexible - both for interviewing and for starting work, if you were to be hired. Here are tips for conducting a long distance job search.



6 Ways to Organize your Job Search

They say looking for a job is a full-time job. Well, like any type of work, being unorganized can prolong your workday and make it that much more difficult to complete tasks. If your desk is messy it may be hard to locate the files you need. If you don't use a calendar or scheduling tool, you may be cramped for time as your tasks and meetings run together. To avoid making your job search any longer (or stressful) than necessary, read how to get organized.



Best Job Search Websites

Finding a job is work in and of itself, and needless to say, pounding the pavement can often leave you pounding your fist in frustration. Numerous social networking and job search websites are available at your disposal online, whether you're a part-time student looking to supplement your income or a former CEO on the hunt for the next big startup. The competition may be nonexistent or even over-the-top at times, but just knowing people are hiring offers some piece of mind. Here is our guide to some of the best job search websites available at your fingertips.



How to Revive a Stalled Job Search

Have you been looking for a job longer than you'd care to say? Well, maybe it's time you changed up your game plan. Here are some tips to help you form a new career strategy.



Your Career Quest - A New Blog Launch Offering Career Advice With a Fresh Perspective for Job Seekers

YourCareerQuest is a departure from other employment related blogs populating the internet. Most offer bland or generic career advice and do little more than encourage readers to continue to do more of the same things during their job search efforts. Moreover, while most other career-related blogs emphasize increased reliance on technology to affect results, the overall theme of YourCareerQuest suggests that technology is a useful tool, but instead readers should develop and capitalize on their individual talents, that they are their own best and most reliable resource. Readers will find innovative suggestions for how to improve their abilities to present and represent themselves, with tried and tested advice that works.



10 Job Search Tips

With the evolution of career search over the past few years, it's good to take stock of what will make the biggest impact in landing a job this year. Many people are competing for few opportunities. But with the right tools, you can improve your search, broaden your networking opportunities and align yourself with a career that fits your skills. Here are 10 tips for a successful job search.



The 4 Best Tips for Using a Job Board

You've posted your resume on all the most popular job boards. It's been weeks and you've heard zilch in response. It's justifiably frustrating. Read 4 tips for using a job board.



The 9 Best Tips for Submitting an Online Job Application

Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of mid-sized companies and almost all large corporations use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen candidates for job opportunities. Read top suggestions for getting the most visibility out of your online application.



11 Tips for Using Social Media to Find your Next Job

According to a recent report from ABC News, 80% of today's jobs are landed through networking - social networking being the main reason for this. Job seekers and graduates alike have recognized this shift, identifying that social media is the best platform to connect with employers. Job seekers are becoming increasingly aware that having a strong online presence can be the difference to landing their dream job or not. Here are some tips to on how to use social media to improve your online presence.



Job Candidates can Maximize their Job Search at a Job Fair if they are Ready

"Be Prepared" is more than the Boy Scout Motto. It is the mantra for every job candidate. At a job fair, things can seem intimidating. But with a little preparation, job candidates can use this to their advantage. Here are a few tips on how to get the maximum benefit out of the time and effort spent at a job fair.



New Expert Tips for Using LinkedIn

Learn LinkedIn strategies to help you find a job.



How To Job Hunt in Today's Innovation Economy

The job market for recent college graduates is incredibly varied, with some fields booming and others lagging behind. A one-size-fits-all approach to landing your dream job in today's innovation economy is not an option - it requires your full attention. The following tips for college seniors in the midst of the job search process are relevant for all industries (and for many job seekers who are at different stages in their careers).



Tweeting for Jobs: Tips for the Twitter Job Search

Twitter can be a valuable tool for job seekers to exploit. LinkedIn remains the preferred option; but Twitter can be used not only to find out more about potential employers and target companies, but to less formally communicate with those already in the field. Continue to read the ten tips for your Twitter job hunt.



How you Know if a Dream Job is Feasible or Just a Pipe Dream

An obvious benefit of a customized job search is that the employer sees that you are serious and genuinely interested. It takes effort and planning to customize a search, and you can't do it for every employer. How do you know your effort will pay off or if it's just too much of a stretch? When is a dream job feasible vs. just a pipe dream?



Don't Let Your Job Search Depress You

If you are looking for a job right now, it is certain to take longer than you would like. The culprit is not just the recession - job boards have made it easier to apply, so now it's the norm that hundreds of resumes from across the world chase the same job. With that amount of activity, the job search has become more like a marathon than a sprint. So how do you keep your spirits up in such a tough environment? Here are some changes that should help in this culture of rejection.



5 Exercises to Muscle Up Your Job Search

Intellectual muscle can spur financial and operational wins, and give you the mental energy and power you need to sustain marathon corporate projects that help cinch promotions. The more your career advances, the more your confidence grows and your muscles build. Read five invigorating career exercises to try that should create momentum through conversations, cold calls, informational interviews, networking, and volunteer events.



Tweet Your Way to a New Job: 8 Twitter Templates

Can you tweet your way to a new job? The answer is yes - if you use your 140 characters wisely. Learn from eight career experts for their best Twitter job search tips, as well as for specific sample tweets. You can tweak the eight basic templates for your industry and desired position.



Tips Can Help in Writing the Perfect Resume

As we start a new year, many may be thinking it is time for a new job. Or, for the unemployed, a new year may bring renewed hope of finding employment. One of the first keys to getting a recruiter interested is to have an appealing resume. And for those who have not searched for a job in the last decade, creating and submitting resumes has changed dramatically.



10 job search tips for 2012

It's 2012, and with the new year comes a revitalized spirit, gusto and determination to enact your plans and make your dreams happen. With the evolution of career search over the past few years, it's good to take stock of what will make the biggest impact in landing a job this year. With the right tools, you can improve your search, broaden your networking opportunities and align yourself with a career that fits your skills. Read these tips for a successful job search.



Best-Kept Job Search Tips for Job Seekers' 2012 New Year's Resolutions

Read what StartWire states are the 2012 best kept job search tips.



5 Tips for a Successful Job Search this Holiday Season

Thinking about putting off a job search until the new year? Think again! Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season is a great time of year to find a job. Read about how to create job search momentum, despite a perceived holiday hiring lull.



Top 10 Online Job Search Tips

While the popularity of online job boards puts millions of jobs at one's fingertips, it has also made the job applicant pool that much bigger. For this reason, national job search sites and the Internet as a whole have gotten a bad rap from some industry professionals as an ineffective job seeker tool; on the contrary, the Internet actually can be a great resource for job seekers - they just need to know how to use it. When it comes to a fruitful online job search, successful job seekers follow these 10 guidelines.



6 Networking Tips for Your Job Search

Networking with other professionals in your industry can be beneficial when you're looking for work. You might meet the hiring manager for a company and hear about an unadvertised position, find a new consulting opportunity, or get some insight into the best way to apply for a position. Networking takes work and practice. Here are a few tips to help you make your networking truly successful.



7 Tips to Maintain Self-Esteem While Job Searching

Recent statistics indicate job growth is slow to non-existent. This does not mean that there are no jobs available. It does mean that there are still too few available jobs for the amount of people in the market. Inevitably, this leads to a stress-inducing increase in the length of time it takes to find a job. This article offers seven tips to help you manage yourself effectively and maintain your self-esteem during your job search.



Pay Attention to the Job Ad

The job application is there to help your interviewers see you. It calls attention to specific qualities and accomplishments that make sense in the specific context set out by the position announcement. A one-size-fits-all application packet asks potential colleagues to connect the dots for you. Since they don't know you yet, this is risky business. Better to help them interpret the connections that are so obvious to you by referring to things they've already told you are on their minds.



Seven Tricks to Help Get a Job Now

Describing the job market as anemic is an understatement, but there are tricks job seekers can do to increase their chances of being hired. Here are seven experts tips to getting hired.



New iPad, iPhone App by Helps Job Seekers Maximize Visibility

There was a time when "pounding the pavement" was the best way to find a job. With today's technology, "pressing the keyboard" has replaced "pounding the pavement." A new iPhone / iPad app by Visual Resume Online helps job seekers gain more exposure to employers.



Job Search Tips for the Experienced Professional

Job seekers often see a world of opportunity and start job search activity without a strategy. Take a step back and review your plan. Wanting a job is not a plan. A strategic review is needed. Start with a goal that makes sense for you, and for the organization who will hire you.



Savvy Guide to Getting the Interview and Making an Impression

After sorting through piles of resumes that all look similar, hiring managers hold rounds and rounds of interviews. Get through the first round of interviews and make a lasting impression with these basic fallback tips.



Job Search Tips for Middle Aged Professionals

This article offers advice for middle aged professionals seeking jobs.



6 New Tools to Propel Your Job Search Forward

Are you finding yourself in information overload? Need a way to clear the job search clutter? Here are six new tools getting good marks for helping job seekers find their way.



Tips For Interviews

This article will give the reader tips about interviewing for a job.



6 Tweeting Ways to Find Your Next Job

The smart job hunter will recognize Twitter's functionality has become a reality not only for media celebrities, but for both main stream and start-up businesses. Twitter is being used for corporate branding, marketing, and scouting for plugged-in "high value" talent to fill jobs.



50 Job Search Tips That Work

This article provides the readers with tips to land an interview. Tips for resume building, interviewing, and what to do after the interview.



Looking for a Job? Quick Tips from the Experts

Still on the market for a job? Here are some tips from experts that can help you in your search.



Tips and Tricks for Developing References

Job seekers often leave the necessary work involved in providing references until the end of the job search-the offer stage-which can cause serious mistakes in the process, and provide less than effective references. This article offers advice about development of references.



How to Simplify Your Job Search

As a job seeker, finding the right position can often be a frustrating experience. Here are some tips from career experts to help simplify your job search.



10 Ways to Beat the Blues in a Long Job Hunt

It's hard to stay upbeat when you've been pounding the pavement for months on end. Here are a few tips on how to stay in the game.



100 Job Search Tips from FORTUNE 500 Recruiters

Along with Stories from the Recruiting Trenches

Read what Fortune 500 recruiters look for from job candidates.



Career Options for Creatives (Finding a Job)

The average American getting out of college today can expect to have five to ten careers during his or her lifetime. If you just graduated, or you have been looking for a job for some time, here are some helpful hints on finding a job.



Medical Job Search Tips

Finding a job in the medical field can be very tedious and daunting, especially with all those millions of competitors all vying for the same related work field. Therefore, for people who wish to obtain some edge over the others and have higher possibilities that they can get the medical job they have long wanted to have, read these tips.



My Skills, My Future Website

Explore new career options based on the skills you?ve used in a past job. With mySkills, myFuture you can compare careers, find training, and search for jobs.



Job Applicants Say (and Do) the Darndest Things


Job applicants do what they can to make themselves stand out from their competition. And some do stand out all right, but not in a good way.



The Makings of a Good Resume

Avoid making costly mistakes by following these tips for second and third-round interviews.

Second and Third-round Interview Strategies

By Frances Cole Jones,

( -- So, you've made it through your first round of interviews -- congratulations -- and now you're on to the second and third round ... the good stuff.


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