@AUCDNews Twitter chat #HealthyTeeth4all

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET
Location: Twitter Chat

This Twitter chat will engage the overall disability community in a conversation on oral health and encourage sharing of helpful resources. Based on what is shared, AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health will create a brief, which will be available by the ADA Anniversary at the end of July.

Discussion Guests

Kathy Hunt, RDH, ECPII @OralHealth_KS

  • Oral Health Kansas, Dental Program Director
  • Kansas Head Start Association, Project Director, Kansas Cavity Free Kids
  • National Center on Early Childhood Health & Wellness, Head Start DHL for KS


Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS, MS, FABSCD @appletreedental

  • Dentist & Research Collaborator, Apple Tree Dental

Chat Guidelines

  1. Questions will be posted to Twitter by AUCD. Each question will begin with an identifier such as Q1.
  2. Each answer should include two things: an identifier such as A1 so people know which question you're answering, and the chat hashtag #HealthyTeeth4all so that all parts of the conversation can stick together.
  3. When you refresh your Twitter page, make sure it's set to "latest" so you see the latest tweets in the chat.

Chat Questions

  • Q1: How do you define #oral health for people with #disabilities? #HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q2: Why is oral health so important for people with #disabilities? #HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q3: What motivates you to see your dentist? #HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q4: What are good disability awareness and etiquette tips for dental providers? #HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q5: What is the relationship between oral health and chronic diseases? #HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q6: What are resources and tips to help a person with a #disability find a dental provider that fits their needs?#HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q7: What alternatives and accommodations are available to make customary dental care/treatments more friendly/accessible? #HealthyTeeth4all
  • Q8. What are some tips for getting access to the dental office? #HealthyTeeth4all

Thanks to #HealthyTeeth4all chat planners & hosts from AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health Nutrition and Healthy Weight Learning Group: Amal Alsamawi, Emily Bair, Bryan Russell @BryanRuss1, Sherice D. Smith, and Erin Vinoski Thomas @VinoskiThomas. AUCD Staff: Adriane Griffen @adrianegriffen

Tweet to Help Spread the Word

Join @AUCDNews for a #healthyteeth4all Twitter chat on June 12 at 3pm ET to discuss the importance of #oralhealth for people with #disabilities. #oralhealthmonth #WellnessWednesday


If you have any questions prior to the Twitter chat, please email [email protected].


https://nationalcenterdph.org / @PHis4Everyone /  [email protected]