2013 APSE Conference: Race to Success - Employment Comes in First!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013- Thursday, June 27, 2013
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Happy 25th anniversary to APSE! APSE will be celebrating our 25th year as a national organization promoting the advancement of integrated employment for individuals with disabilities at this year's conference! We are excited to invite you to our 24th annual conference with our host chapter, Indiana ASPE to celebrate our accomplishments in the great city of Indianapolis!

This year's theme Race to Success: Employment Comes in First! embodies both our host state and where we are heading with Employment First around the country. 2013 has been dubbed the "year of the chapter". As we know, APSE has always been a grass roots organization and our chapters are critical to our success. In order to continue to move Employment First (and make sure it comes in first!) we need to really come together to support the work of our chapters! At the conference, we will have several presentations focused on chapter work and we encourage all members to participate and learn how to work with your chapter.


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