Susan Olsen, MEd

Center for Persons with Disabilities
University Center for Excellence in Disabilities
Utah State University
6800 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6800
Phone: 435-797-7461
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Last Updated: April 07, 2016

Susan Olsen

Primary Activity Coordinators: Exemplary Services
Clinical Services
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Clinical Services *
Interagency Outreach Training Initiative *
IOTI - Employment Specialist Training *
IOTI - PASS Work Incentive Training *
IOTI - Positive Behavior Supports in Homes and Communities *
IOTI - Section 504 Training *
IOTI-Assistive Technology for Blind and Visually Impaired *
IOTI-Brain Injury Caregiver Training *
Project PEER: Postsecondary Education, Employment and Research *
South East Early Intervention Program *
TOP Sports Activities *
Up To 3 Early Intervention Virtual Home Visits
Discipline(s): Education/Special Education
Education: Early Intervention/Early Childhood
AUCD Council Membership: Council for Interdisciplinary Service
No Council Membership
Service: Sue Olsen, MEd. is the director for the Division of Exemplary Services. The division provides numerous services to the community including: Clinical Services, Top Sports, BRASC, Disability Support Center for Families and the Up To 3 Early Intervention Program. Sue's primary goal is to ensure that all services provided by the Division support and enhance a family's or individual's capabilities and self-determination. Each of the service programs has a directive to ensure that a comprehensive and interdisciplinary array of services is available which support full participation and expanded opportunity for community participation. She specializes in special education law, due process, and mediation.