Barbara LeRoy, PhD

Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute (MI-DDI)
Wayne State University
4809 Woodward Avenue
268 Leonard N. Simons Building
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-577-0334
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: February 04, 2016

Barbara LeRoy

Primary Activity Coordinators: Community Support
Research Director
Specialty Resource Contacts: Inclusive Education
University Governance
Discipline(s): Disability Studies
Rehabilitation Counseling
AUCD Council Membership: Council on Community Advocacy
Council on Research and Evaluation
Research: Aging, Family Issues, Welfare Reform
Education: Rehabilitation Counseling, Interdisciplinary Training
Service: International



Director, Developmental Disabilities Institute, Wayne State University


1973    BA      English   St. Mary's College of Maryland

1979    MA      Guidance & Counseling in Comm. Agencies   The University of Michigan

1986    PhD     Rehabilitation Counseling   The University of Michigan



  • Consultant, Wyandotte Public Schools, Wayne-Westland Community Schools, TMI Programs
  • 1983-1986  Consultant, Educational Resources and Information Clearinghouse - University of Michigan
  • Consultant, Supported Employment Technical Assistance Project, Michigan State University
  • Special Education Consultant, Michigan Department of Education
  • Program Director, Inclusive Education, Developmental Disabilities Institute, Wayne State University
  • Associate Professor (Research), Wayne State University
  • 1992-present  Graduate Faculty, College of Education, Wayne State University
  • 1994-present  Director, Developmental Disabilities Institute, Wayne State University


  • 1991-present  Advisory Council, Rehabilitation Counseling Program, Michigan State University
  • Admissions Committee, Rehabilitation Counseling Program, Wayne State University
  • 1993-present Advisory Council, Rehabilitation Counseling Program, Wayne State University
  • 1996-present Advisory Council, Skillman Center for Children, Wayne State University
  • Advisory Council, Center and Institute Committee, VP for Research, Wayne State University
  • 1997-present Advisory Council, Early On Collaborative, Children's Hospital of Michigan
  • Delegate, OSE/OECD International Symposium on Personnel Development
  • Delegate, NIH 5th International Congress on Serving Children with Disabilities in the Community


  • 1994-present Board Member, Association for Community Advocacy, Ann Arbor
  • 1995-present Governor's Appointee, Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council
  • 1998-present Board Member, Arcadia Institute, Kalamazoo
  • Expert Reviewer, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • 2000-present Board Member, United States International Council on Disabilities
  • 2000-present Board Member, American Association on Mental Retardation, Michigan chapter
  • 1998-present  US Delegate, Education Commission, Rehabilitation International


  • 1986 Michigan Model Special Education Program.
  • 1990 Featured in Michigan Woman as a leader in special education.
  • 1998 DDI featured in New Science, 12, 22-25.  Publication of the Office of the VP for Research, WSU
  • 1999 Distinguished Alumna Award, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • 1999 President's Exceptional Service Award, WSU
  • 1999 DDI featured in New Science, 13, 32-35.
  • 2003 Eisenhower Ambassador to Cuba for rehabilitation exchange.


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