Tracey Olson, BA

North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities
Minot State University
Memorial Hall 203
500 University Avenue West
Minot, ND 58707
Phone: 701-858-4496
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: January 22, 2021

Tracey Olson

Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: ASTEP, IMPCCT
Discipline(s): Mental and Behavioral Health
Mental & Behavioral Health
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Education: Interest in Education
Service: Expertise as a senior provider and coordinator.


Minot State University-Minot, ND
Bachelor of Arts- Addiction Studies December 1994

The State of North Dakota-North Central Human Service Center-Minot, ND
Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT)- Team Lead May 2013-Present
• Development and implantation of IDDT at NCHSC
• Supervision of IDDT Fidelity for the IDDT Team
• Administrative Supervision of IDDT Team
• Responsible for staff evaluations and timeclock needs/approvals
• Case Management duties with consumers in the IDDT Program
• Leading of IDDT Groups for consumers.
• State DHS Liaison for Recovery Centers across the state
The State of North Dakota-North Central Human Service Center-Minot, ND
Kay's Place July 1, 2008-May 2013
• Supervision of resident programming,
• Supervision of residential staff,
• Supervision of resident stay,
• Arranged and lead screenings of residential applicants,
• Supervision of Kay's Place facility maintenance,
• Reviewed, maintained, and established program policy,
• Met with State Licensing Team yearly for licensing review,
• Attended State RCCF meetings regarding group home care,
• Lead programming for residents,
• Completed daily, monthly, and discharge reports for the residents,
• Gathered Statewide data for residential programming,
• Coordinated with NCHSC HR department for administrative paperwork for employees,
such as: timesheets, leave, benefit packages, advertising and interviewing new hires, staff
evaluations, salary increases, job descriptions, and disciplinary actions,
• Coordinated with referral sources re: resident screenings, needs, and disciplinary actions,
• Public speaking regarding Kay's Place Program.
• Coordinated with NCHSC Financial Department, and referral sources, such as: placement
fees, special accounts, and auditing purposes,
• Supervision of the Transitional Case-management unit,
The State of North Dakota-North Central Human Service Center-Minot, ND
ND Partnerships Oct. 1997-June 2008
• Identify, develop, and monitor community services to fit the needs of the children with serious emotional disorders and their families
• Provide service coordination, review, and planning
• Provide advocacy for children with serious emotional disorders and their families
• Assist in pursuing possible eligibility for Federal, State, and local programs. Assist in applying for these programs, when available
• Include family members in coordinating care
• Empower families to stay together when appropriate, assist in behavioral interventions, role modeling, and other therapeutic techniques
• Work collaboratively with families and community resources
• Facilitate team meetings
• Develop relationships with the family members of the child referred.
• Assist in developing/implementing an individualized service plan with a multi-agency team
• Consultation and collateral contacts to determine appropriate services
• Complete required paperwork
• Provide consultation and case review to the multi-agency team
• Facilitate parent education programs as requested
• Developed a lending library for families involved in ND Partnerships
• Coordinate "Family Day" activities
Minot Public Schools-Minot, ND
Jim Hill Middle School August 1995-May 1997
• Facilitated group and individual socialization sessions
• Evaluated student performance and behavior in classrooms
• Supervised after school detentions
• Developed evaluative materials and individual behavior plans
• Facilitated individual and group tutoring and study skills
Unimed Medical Center-Child/Adolescent Partial Hospitalization-Minot, ND
Program Therapist Mar. 1995-Aug. 1995
• Facilitated group/individual sessions
• Developed a behavior modification/level and follow up systems
• In charge of Quality Assurance and substance abuse programming
• Developed resource/informational binders
• Patient-advocate
Group Supervisor May 1993-March 1995
• Supervised and directed recreational activities
• Liaison between patient and counselor
• Handled conflict situations utilizing behavior modification techniques