Kelly Drevecky, BS-OT

North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities
Minot State University
Memorial Hall 203
500 University Avenue West
Minot, ND 58707
Phone: 701-858-4077
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Kelly Drevecky

Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP); Great Plains Interdisciplinary Autism Diagnostic Clinic (GPIC)
Discipline(s): Occupational Therapy
Education: Early Intervention/Early Childhood
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Education: Speak on motor, feeding, sensory and behavioral development
Service: Provide consultative OT and Early Intervention services in a home based or natural environment with MIDP.



Minot High School Graduate 05/1992

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of ND, Grand Forks 12/1996

Occupational Therapist Registered, NBCOT 04/1997 - present

Licensed in Occupational Therapy in the state of North Dakota, NDSBOTP 04/1997 - present 

North Dakota OT Association Member and past board member 12/1996 - present



Certificate of completion of NDT/Bobath Eight-Week Course Neuro-Developmental Treatment 10/2001 through Association. 230 contact hours Toledo, OH 06/30/2002

Certificate of completion of the 7-day course, "Nourishing the Whole Child in the Development of Oral 10/16-10/22/1999 Feeding Skills" Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. Virginia. "Sensory Integration and Praxis Test"

Completion of 3, 3-5 day courses covering SI theory, SIPT 1998-1999 administration, and SIPT interpretation Chicago, IL



"Early Intervention for Special Populations of Infants and toddlers" Dr. Louis Rossetti Ph.D. 09/11-09/12/1997 UND and North East Human Service Center sponsored 2 day course.

"Introduction to Handling the Young Child Utilizing Neurodevelopmental Techniques" 3 day course 09/15-09/17/1999

"School System Strategies, documentation Reimbursement Strategies" NDOTA conference 09/18/1999

"Physical Agent Modalities for the OT Practitioner" Certificate of completion for 2 day course 04/29-04/30/2000

"Infant Toddler Retreat" Mayville, ND. Dr. Louis Rossetti, Ph.D.4 day retreat/conference on early neonatal intervention, intervention, dysmorphologic 05/22-05/25/2000 identification, and communication/bonding development.

"Neuro-developmental Treatment" 3 day course 09/11-09/13/2000

"Sensory Integration" 2 day SI intervention course 09/14-09/15/2000

"Pediatric Seating & Mobility Solutions" adaptive seating course 08/24/2000

"Sensory Integration" 2 day SI pediatric principles course 09/14-09/15/2000

"Sensory Processing in the context of Early Life Span Occupation" 09/29-09/30/2000

"Documentation & Disablement Model in Pediatric Therapy" 01/13/2001 Wilbarger

"Sensory Defensiveness & Related Social, Emotional & Neurological Problems" Certificate 02/26-02/27/2001 of completion for 2 day course including training in the Wilbarger Deep Pressure Protocol

"Pulling it Together: Identification & Service Planning for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" 05/04/2001

"The New Licensure Law and Reimbursement: How Will They Affect You" 05/05/2001

"From Eyesight to Insight: Visual/Vestibular Assessment & Treatment" Certificate for 2 day course 09/28/-29/2001 sponsored by Professional Dev. Programs

"Young Children, Neuroscience, & Policy" 01/14/2002

"Adapt a Toy" 1 day course in electronic adaptation of devices for various methods of switch control 02/12/2002

"Spasticity Management: Focus on Rehabilitation" 02/01/2003

"Infant-Toddler Professional Development Conference" Certificate for 2 day conference 03/14-03/15/2003

"Dakota Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference" 2 day conference covering Autism/     Asperger's, 4MAT, Assistive Technology, Mental Retardation, Non-Verbal Communication, Learning Disabilities, vocabulary Building, and Addiction issues. 02/06-02/07/2004

"The Art of Clinical Reasoning: Enhancing Sensory Integration Perspectives for Assessment and  Intervention" 2 day seminar 09/09-09/10/2004

"Concepts of Neuro Rehab: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Patient Care" 09/22/2004

"Neuroanatomy Home Study Course" 09/2004

"25th Symposium on Intervention for Persons with Special Needs" 4-day course sponsored by  Professional Dev. Programs 02/24-02/27/2005

"Mental Health Workshop" Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Antisocial Disorder 10/28/2005

Attended and presented numerous 1 hour in-house presentations on various aspects of therapeutic 1998-2006 intervention for continuing education.

UniMed Hospital/Trinity Health "2006 Family Connections Conference: When Children Have Special Needs" 4 day conference 06-2006

"Brain Development Conference" 2-day conference on child brain development in Mahnomen, MN 08/09-08/10/2006

"Is it Sensory or is it Behavior" 2-day conference on sensory processing at Anne Carlson Center, ND 06/04-06/05/2007



East Regional Director- Applied Medical Inc., Bismarck, ND 01/1997-05/1998

Duties include evaluation, treatment planning, supervision of COTAs, and coordination/implementation of occupational therapy services in pediatric, long-term care, hospital, and school settings.

Lecturer/instructor- Mayville State University, ND 01/2001-05/2001

Duties include preparation and instruction for a 2 credit university course titled "Child Development and Physical Education." Focusing on birth to 5 year old normal and abnormal motor and sensory development, implementing movement into educational activities, and using activity analysis for inclusiveness and to enhance development.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist- UniMed Medical Center/Trinity Health, Minot, ND 05/1998-04/2006 

Duties include assessment and treatment in neonatal, home care, outpatient pediatrics, and consultative services with area early intervention programs and developmental disability organizations. Also supervised level II fieldwork students for pediatric occupational therapy fieldwork experiences.

Researcher/Program developing consultant- North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities. 05/2006-10/2006 Minot State University, Minot, ND.

Researching feasibility and program development for providing occupational therapy consultative services through telehealth services to developmentally involved clients in North Dakota. Involves theoperation of video conferencing technology, legislative and third party payer research, and development of appropriate guidelines for providing occupational therapy services in this manner.

Independent professional conference educator and speaker- Child development and pediatric intervention 1999-present

Course instructor and speaker for various organizations including NDOTA, ND Social Welfare Conference, Developmental disabilities Early Intervention Vocational Rehabilitation Annual Training Conference, MSU Department of Communication Disorders and Special Education, Daycare Association, Foster Parent Association, UND Children & Family Services Training Center, ND Association of Home Care, Head Start, and many other organizations.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Consultant- Minot Children's Disability Clinic, MSU Minot, ND. 04/2006-present

Providing occupational therapy consultation and participating in interdisciplinary team meetings to facilitate appropriate recommendations and referrals for children with disabilities.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Consultant & Early Interventionist- Minot Infant Development Program. 04/2006-present MSU Minot, ND.

Providing consultative services for enrollment and continuing evaluation of clients from birth to three years of age. Participating as a team member in family service plan development and meetings. Areas of Consultation include feeding/oral motor, motor skill development, sensory integration, parent training/education, and referral recommendations to appropriate providers.

GPAST (Great Plains Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Program) - Member of the multidisciplinary 04/2008-present

Team associated with the ND Center for Persons with Disabilities providing diagnosis and treatment services to ND children with diagnosed or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder. Team conducts arena style assessments in collaboration with the child's local team and facility.

ND Autism Waiver Team Part of an interdisciplinary team that evaluates and/or confirms autism 11/2012-present

Diagnosis for the ND Autism Waiver Program.

Owner/Practitioner- Prairie Therapy, Minot, ND 04/2006-present

Providing Pediatric & Developmental Occupational Therapy services including direct neurodevelopmental, Sensory Integration, Feeding, and Life skills intervention services as well as consultative services with area intervention and service organizations. Service sites include adult and children's developmental group homes, school system intervention, and the Minot Infant Development Program.