Brenda Clark, MS

Florida Center for Inclusive Communities
Department of Child and Family Studies
University of South Florida
College of Behavioral and Community Sciences
13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MHC 2113A
Tampa, FL 33612-3807
Phone: 813-974-2581
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: July 01, 2020


Leadership Administrative Staff: Employment Supports Coordinator
Community Advisory Committee Liaison
Primary Activity Coordinators: Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment
Adult Services
Community Support
Cultural Diversity
Discipline Coordinators: Self Advocacy
Specialty Resource Contacts: Employment Supports Coordination
Community Advisory Committee Liaison
Discipline(s): Mental and Behavioral Health
Person with a disability or special health care need
AUCD Council Membership: Multicultural Council
Research: PBIS Adult Community Base Environments (interest)
Adult Community Life Transition (Interest)
Education: Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health
Employment Consultant Training and Technical Assistance
Job Seekers with Disabilities Support
Support Strategies to Open Doors to Employment Possibilities
Work Incentive Planning and Application
Person Centered/Directed Planning
Service: Employment, Customized Employment, Discovery, Supported Employment, Advocacy, Self-Advocacy, Community Engagement, Cultural Diversity, Cultural Awareness, Family Support, Positive Behavior, Intervention & Supports, Visual resume, Self-Determination, Full Inclusion, Provider Training & Technical Assistance, work incentives, Vocational Planning, Employer Consultation, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Inclusion, Behavioral Health, Self-Care, Mindfulness, Post-Secondary Options for Students with Autism and ASD, Micro Enterprise Training & Technical Assistance, Business Plan Development, Team Building, Organizational Change, Person Directed Planning, IEP & IPE Self Advocacy, Transition Planning, Social Capital, Community Team Development (AEC), Interaction Ethics with Persons with Disabilities, Disclosure & ADA, Opening Doors, Mentoring, Systematic Instructions, Inclusion and Full Participation in Spiritual Community, interview responses, alternative skill assessment, work tasks translation, and easy-read development.