Ted Glattke, PhD

Sonoran UCEDD
Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of Arizona
1521 E. Helen St.
PO Box 210155H
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: 520-297-0300
Email: glattke@email.arizona.edu
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Last Updated: December 18, 2008


Specialty Resource Contacts: Audiologist
Discipline(s): Audiology



 Theodore J. Glattke, Ph.D.


Address:       120 E. Vista Oeste Drive
                      Tucson, AZ  85704

Teaching Interests:  Audiology, vestibular assessment, hearing science

Research Interests:  Noninvasive physiological measures of auditory system function

Special Interests:   Vestibular evaluation-adults, hearing loss in infants


B.A.                           University of Arizona                       1962                 Tucson

M.A.                          University of Michigan                      1963                 Ann Arbor

Ph.D.                        University of Iowa                            1968                 Iowa City

Post-Doctoral           Stanford University                          1968-70             Stanford, CA


1968-1975                  Stanford University

                                    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Division of Otolaryngology, Stanford
                                    University School of Medicine (1967-1970)

                                    Assistant Professor, Division of Otolaryngology, and Supervisor,
                                    Audiology Clinical Services, Stanford University School of

 1975-2007                  University of Arizona

                                    Professor, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing

                                    Professor, Department of Surgery

                                    Supervisor, Audiology Clinical Services at Arizona Health
                                    Sciences Center, University of Arizona (1980-83)

                                    Head, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences (1984-88)

                                    Associate Dean, Undergraduate Instruction, Faculty of Science

                                    Research Scientist, Institute for Neurogenic Communication
                                    Disorders (1991- 2007)

                                    Committee on Neuroscience Faculty 1990 -  2007

                                    University Physicians - Audiologist 9/18/2000 -  2007

2008-                            Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

                                     Audiologist, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Carondelet Neurologic
                                     Center Balance Clinic


Acoustical Society of America
American Academy of Audiology
American Auditory Society
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association
International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group
International Society of Audiology
Association for Research in Otolaryngology

Recent Offices Held:

President XXVIIth Biennial Congress, International Society of Audiology 2000-2004
Member, International Committee, American Academy of Audiology 2000 - 2003
Member, Board of Directors, American Academy of Audiology 2003 - 2005
International Society of Audiology Assembly 2004 -  2007
Member, Board of Directors, Ear Foundation of Arizona  2005-

Special Awards and Recognition:

Fellow, ASHA, 1977
Honors, Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 1988
Career Teaching Award, Faculty of Science, University of Arizona 1990
Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Iowa, Department of Speech
Pathology & Audiology, 1997
Honors, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 1998
Distinguished Achievement Award, American Academy of Audiology,  2007

Community Services:

In-service lectures:  St. Mary's Hospital; Kino Community Hospital; Tucson Hearing Society; Pediatrics Grand Rounds, Tucson Ear Nose & Throat Physicians; Pediatric Grand Rounds, Phoenix; ASDB, Tucson; Barrow Neurological Clinic, Phx

Consultant - Phoenix Indian Medical Center Infant Hearing Screening Program

Staff appointment:   St. Joseph's Hospital, Tucson, Arizona 1995-1998
                                 St. Mary's Hospital, Tucson, Arizona 1996-1998
                                 University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ 1997 -2007
                                 San Xavier Indian Health Service Clinic 1995 -2007
                                 St. Andrews Crippled Children's Clinic 2000  -
                                 Holy Cross Hospital, Nogales, AZ 2000 - 2004

Arizona Clinical Coordinator Healthy Athlete Program, Special Olympics Healthy Hearing Program


Recent Presentations 

"Hearing Loss, Mental Retardation of Both" Presented at the 17th annual convention of the American Academy of Audiology, April 1, 2005 (w/ Gilbert Herer, J.K., Montgomery, etc.)

"Otoacoustic Emissions" Presented at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, November, 2005.

"Clinical Pathways for Vestibular Patients"  Presented at the Colombian Academy of Audiology meeting, Bogota, Colombia, February 2006.

"OAEs from laboratory to clinic"  Presented at the Colombian Academy of Audiology meeting, Bogota, Colombia, February 2006

"Clinical interpretation of OAEs"   Presented at the Colombian Academy of Audiology meeting, Bogota, Colombia, February 2006.

"Stimulus selection for OAE suppresson"  Presented at the International Congress of Audiology, Innsbruck, September 2006.

"Suppression of Otoacoustic Emissions in Learning Disabled Individuals"  (with A. Garinis) presented at the International Congress of Audiology, Innsbruck, September 2006.

"History of newborn hearing screening" presented at the Ear Foundation of Arizona Audiology Conference, Phoenix, November 3, 2006

Clinical Pathways to Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation, presented at Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital grand rounds, September, 2007. 

Recent Publications

Sideris, I. P. & Glattke, T.J. (2006) Comparison of three methods of hearing screening in a preschool population.  Journal of Communication Disorders. 39, 391-401.

Velenovsky, D.A.,  & Glattke, T.J. (2007)  Efferent Suppression of Otoacoustic Emissions.  In Robinette, M.S., & Glattke, T.J., (eds) Otoacoustic Emissions). 3rd edition pp 131-162, New York:  Thieme.

Glattke, T. J., & Robinette, M.S. (2007).  Transient Otoacoustic Emissions,  In Robinette, M.S., & Glattke, T.J., (eds) Otoacoustic Emissions, 3rd edition, pp 87-106, New York:  Thieme.

Glattke, T.J. & Robinette, M.S. (2007)  Otoacoustic Emissions  in Roeser, R.J., Valente, M., and Hosford-Dunn, H., (eds) Audiology:  Diagnosis. 2nd edition, pp 478-496,  New York:  Thieme.

Glattke, T.J. (2007)  Ethics and Audiology Roeser, R.J., Valente, M., and Hosford-Dunn, H., (eds) Audiology:  Practice Management. 2nd edition, pp 15-20  New York:  Thieme.

Palmer, C. & Glattke, T. (2007)  Efficacy of Mandatory Continuing Education in Seminars in Hearing.28 (1) 46-54.

Fisher, J., Plante, E., Vance, R., Gerken, L & Glattke, T. (2007)  Do children and adults with language impairment recognize prosodic cues?  Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 50 (3) 746-758. 

Dille, M., Glattke, T.J., and Earl, B.R.  (2007).  Comparison of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions and distortion product otoacoustic emissions when screening hearing in preschool children in a community setting.  International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology.  September 14, 2007.

Hansen, E., Stewart, M. & Glattke, T. J. (2007)  Efficacy of solar powered rechargeable hearing aid batteries.  International Journal of Audiology, in press April 2008..