Sara Sack, PhD

Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities
Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies
University of Kansas
1200 Sunnyside Avenue
3111 Haworth
Lawrence, KS 66045-7534
Phone: 620-421-8367
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: March 29, 2018


Discipline Coordinators: Assistive Technology
Specialty Resource Contacts: Assistive Technology/Communication
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Assistive Technology for Kansans
Alternative Financing of Assistive Tech
Assistive Technology: Preventing Abandonment/Promoting Re-Use
Kansas Assistive Technology Cooperative
Discipline(s): Psychology
Disability Studies
Speech-Language Pathology
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Research: nonverbal communication, early symbolic communication, intentional communication, assistive technology, reutilization, return on investment, health and technology, employment and technology
Education: assistive technology, training staff to implement assistive technology goals,
Service: volunteers to deliver or reassign Durable Medical Equipment, building community networks,