Susan Foley, PhD

Institute for Community Inclusion/ UCEDD
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125
Phone: 617-287-4317
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: October 09, 2006


Primary Activity Coordinators: Research
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Children and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs (RRTC)
Emerging Disabilities
Discipline(s): Psychology
Social Policy
AUCD Council Membership: Council on Research and Evaluation



Research Coordinator, Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts, Boston MA


BA, 1985, Psychology, Bates College

PhD, 1999 Social Policy, Brandeis University      

Professional Employment

1985- 1987 QMRP/Coordinator, Port Resources, Portland, ME                                

1987-1988  Direct Care Staff; Relief, Arbor Associates, Boston, MA                   

1988-1990  Management Coordinator, Bay State Health Care, Boston, MA  

1990-1992  Case Research Analyst, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA               

1992-1996  Research Technician,  Brandeis University, Waltham, MA            

1998-present Senior Research Associate, Institute for Community Inclusion                

Professional Affiliations

2002/2003 Guest Lecturer University of Massachusetts, Boston                                                                   

1996-2000   President, Walnut Street Center, Somerville, MA                                                                                      

1995-1996   Vice President, Walnut Street Center, Somerville, MA                                                                                 

1988-2000   Member, Board of Directors, Walnut Street Center, Somerville, MA                       

1994            Lecturer , Tufts University Experimental Colleg Medford, MA                                                                                             

2002 -present President, American Association on Mental Retardation/ Mass. Chapter                                   

1999- 2002 Vice President, American Association on Mental Retardation/ Mass. Chapter                                                                      

1998 - 1999  Board Member , American Association on Mental Retardation/ Mass. Chapter                                                               

1999-present Committee Member, Family to Family Advisory Committee                               

2000 - present Committee Member, Friends of the Howe Library                                   

Selected Publications:

Marrone, J, Foley, SM, Selleck (2005) How mental health and welfare to work interact: The role of hope, sanctions, engagement and support. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (8) 81-101.

Woodring J, Foley SM, Rado G, Brown K, Hamner D.  (in press) Focus groups and methodological reflections: Conscientious flexibility in the field. Journal of Disability Policy Studies

Metzel, D, Foley SM, Butterworth J (2005). State level interagency agreements for supported employment of people with disabilities. Journal of Disability Policy Studies.

Foley, SM, Marrone, J., & Simon, M. (2002) Cruise ships and kayaks: Welfare and rehabilitation approaches for women with disabilities in poverty. Behavioral Sciences and the Law (20) 659-680.

Timmons J, Foley SM, Whitney-Thomas J, Green T (2001) Negotiating the Landscape: The Path to Employment for Individuals with Disabilities in the TANF System, Journal of Poverty.(5), 3 87-112

Foley SM, Butterworth JB, Heller A (2000) A Profile of Vocational Rehabilitation Interagency Activity Improving Supported Employment for People with Severe Disabilities, Focus on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 15 (1), 37.

Foley SM. (1999). Mental Retardation Services Providers and the Massachusetts QUEST: Provider Characteristics Related to Quality of Life Outcomes. Unpublished dissertation, Waltham: Heller School, Brandeis University.

Iezzoni LI, Foley SM, Daley J, Hughes J, Fisher ES, Heeren T (1992) Comorbidities, Complications, and Coding Bias: Does the Number of Diagnosis Codes Matter in Predicting In-Hospital Mortality? Journal of the American Medical Association 267 (16), 2197

Iezzoni LI, Foley SM, Heeren T, Daley J. Duncan CC, Fisher ES, Hughes J. A Method for Screening the quality of Hospital Care Using Administrative Data: Preliminary Validation Results. Quality Review Bulletin, November 1992: 18(11): 361.

Iezzoni LI,  Foley SM, Daley J, Hughes J. Heeren T,  Goffman GA. Chronic Conditions and the Risk of In-hospital Death. Health Services Research, October 1994:29(4): 435.

Iezzoni LI, Daley J., Heeren T, Foley SM, Hughes JS, Fisher ES, Duncan, C, Goffman GA. Using administrative data to screen hospitals for high complication rates. Inquiry, Spring 1994:31:40

Iezzoni LI, Daley J, Heeren T, Foley SM, Fisher ES, Duncan C, Hughes JS, Goffman GA, (1994) Identifying Complications of Care Using Administrative Data. Medical Care 32 (7) 70.

Awards and Distinctions

Merck Foundation Scholarship 1994-1997

National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) Training Grant, 1991 and 1992

Selected Grant Awards

Emerging Disabilities and Systems Change funded through the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project program, National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation and Research, Principal Investigator, December 1, 2002 through November 30, 2007.