Colleen McLaughlin, MEd

Institute on Disabilities/UCEDD
Temple University
1755 N 13th Street, Suite 411
Howard Gittis Student Center - South
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: 215-204-9543
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Last Updated: January 16, 2017


Specialty Resource Contacts: Director of Policy
Discipline(s): Psychology
Social Work
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Education: Policy, Systems Change, Person-Centered Practices, Self-Determination, Service Coordination, Quality Improvement


Colleen McLaughlin is the Director of Policy at the Institute on Disabilities.  She responsible for analyzing, translating, and providing technical assistance with regard to state and federal policies that impact the lives of people with disabilities, families, and related stakeholders.  Colleen also coordinates projects focused on the implementation of innovative practices aimed at increasing self-determination and community inclusion of people with disabilities.  Prior to starting this position at Temple, Colleen was employed as the Community Supports Manager at The Boggs Center/UCEDD at Rutgers University where she coordinated a variety of projects related to statewide systems change, workforce development, and person-centered practices.  She is a fellow of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), is on the editorial board of NADSP’s Frontline Initiative, and recently served as a strand leader for the topic of Workforce Development for National Goals in Research, Policy, and Practice 2015. Colleen received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree from Clarion University, and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Temple University where she was also a UCEDD trainee.