Elizabeth Morgan, Ed.M.

Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the UC Davis MIND Institute
UC Davis Health System
2825 50th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
Phone: 916-703-0282
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: September 15, 2018

Elizabeth Morgan

Primary Activity Coordinators: Cultural Diversity
Early Intervention
Community Support
Discipline Coordinators: Assistive Technology
Discipline(s): Human Development/Child Development
AUCD Council Membership: Council on Community Advocacy
Multicultural Council
Research: Autism Intervention in Low-Resource Communities; Cultural Capital; Family-Centered and Person-Centered Practice.
Education: 3rd Year Ph.D. Student in Human Development at UC Davis; AT certificate from UC Northridge, 2014; Masters of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2003.
Service: Board Vice President for Warmline Family Resource Center/PTI which covers 26 counties in Northern California.


Elizabeth Morgan is a doctoral student in Human Development at UC Davis. She also serves as a program coordinator for the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the MIND Institute. Her area of focus includes Early Childhood and Early Intervention Services with a specific interest in underrepresented populations. An educator by training, she holds a Master's in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and has supported Early Childhood practitioners in utilizing developmentally appropriate practice and inclusion strategies since 2004. She has also worked on several state level initiatives to support inclusion of preschool children with various disabilities.  Elizabeth currently works as a graduate researcher at the MIND Institute on the Autism Intervention Research Network on Behavioral Health study (Air B, III). She is also a parent of a child with autism and is an active board member for Warmline Family Resource Center in Sacramento, CA.