Jae Chul Lee

Center for Disabilities Studies
University of Delaware
College of Education and Human Development
461 Wyoming Road
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-8186
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: June 30, 2016

Jae Chul Lee

Specialty Resource Contacts: Health Disparities, Health Equity, Employment
Discipline(s): Public Health
Rehabilitation Counseling
AUCD Council Membership: Council on Research and Evaluation


Unit Director

Jae Chul Lee is the director of the Health and Wellness Unit at CDS, where he helps develop, implement and oversee the unit's portfolio of projects and facilitates the support of the unit through grants and contracts. Jae Chul has also conducted research on health disparities for and among people with disabilities and employment of individuals with disabilities.
Jae Chul earned his doctorate in rehabilitation counselor education at Michigan State University and completed a two-year training fellowship in health services research at Northwestern University. He completed another training in the Epidemiology and Biostatics Section within the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at the National Institutes of Health. Jae Chul served as lead data analyst in federally-funded projects focusing on health disparities among adults with disabilities at Oregon Health and Science University.

Publications since 2009:
Horner-Johnson, W., Dobbertin, K., Lee, J.C., & Andresen, E.M. (In press). Rural disparities in receipt of colorectal cancer screening among adults ages 50-64 with disabilities. Journal of Disability and Health.

Horner-Johnson, W., Dobbertin, K., Lee, J.C., & Andresen, E.M. (In press). Disparities in healthcare access and receipt of preventive services by disability type: Analysis of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Health Services Research.

Horner-Johnson, W., Dobbertin, K., Lee, J.C., & Andresen, E.M. (2013). Disparities in chronic conditions and health status by type of disability. Journal of Disability and Health, 6(4), 280-286.

Lee, J.C., Hasnain-Wynia, R., & Lau, D.T. (2012). Delay in seeing a doctor due to cost: Disparity between older adults with and without disabilities in the United States. Health Services Research, 47(2), 698-720.

Lee, J.C., & Heinemann, A.W. (2010). Forgoing physician visits because of cost: A source of health disparities for elderly with disabilities? Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 91(9), 1319-1326.

Lee, J.C. (2010). Review of health disparities for older people with disabilities. Journal of Rehabilitation, 76(2), 17-26.

Lee, J.C. & Lau, D.T. (2009). Health information technology and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Some of the challenges ahead. Clinical Therapeutics, 31(6), 1276-8.

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- American Public Health Association
- American Association on Health and Disability
- American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine