James Willett, BA Boradcast and Film Communications

Civitan International Research Center and Sparks Clinics
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
933 19th Street South, CH19 Room 307(Location)
1720 2nd Avenue South, CH19 Room 307 (Mailing)
Birmingham, AL 35294-0021
Phone: 205-934-1105
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: July 19, 2012

James Willett

Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Senior Instructional Designer
Discipline(s): Information Dissemination
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Research: Photographic, video, graphics and instructional design support at the Center and in the field.
Education: B.A. Broadcast and Film Communications, University of Alabama
Service: Technical expertise in creating accessible communications, streaming video for web and presentations, web and media archives. Cross departmental instructional media support.


James R. Willett, Jr.

CIRC 235-D

University of Alabama at Birmingham AL 35294

Phone: 205-934-1105 E-mail: [email protected]


James (Jim) Willett has been involved with communications and information dissemination at the University of Alabama at Birmingham during a span covering more than 30 years. From an initial role in the 1970's as a photographer, editor, and writer with the UAB Public Affairs Department he has worked in health care information, marketing, research, and human resource environments as a multiple-site webmaster, information and graphic designer, project coordinator, technical coordinator, and video producer.

Current Appointment:
He is the Senior Instructional Designer at the UAB Civitan International Research Center with responsibility for designing and implementing content for the Center's public information web sites as well as numerous program-based sites. In addition to his web development activities for the Civitan Research Center, the UAB Department of Neurobiology and the UAB Mental Retardation Research Center, he provides a wide range of instructional media and audio visual support activities for faculty and staff. These duties have included educational and instructional videos for numerous research and training projects, design of program specific brochures, technical assistance, live interactive intercampus videoconferencing programs, computer generated graphic presentations, optical and digital photography. He is also an experienced nonlinear video editor of broadcast quality productions. A list of computer applications used in his professional duties may be found later in this document. Through his activities at the UAB Civitan Center and the associated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education Research and Service (UCEDD) he has also gained a broad experience associated with accessibility and advocacy related to developmental disabilities. He is equally at home creating peer to peer communications as well as content for broad public information dissemination.

Educational Background and Current Interests

He is graduate of The University of Alabama Broadcast and Film Program (one of the highest ranked programs in the nation). Additional educational focus included Mathematics with a Minor in Physics. He earned a military occupational specialty in Journalism at the Defense Information School (DINFOS, Ft. Benjamin Harrison) and Personnel Management in the United States Army Reserve. He has served as an instructor for MCH Core lectures at the Civitan Center, taught photography through UAB's and Birmingham's community education programs, and designed and taught the Birmingham Museum of Art's first Computer Animation Camp. His ongoing interests include developing innovative communications tools unifying traditional and electronic multimedia techniques for video, print, and Internet information dissemination.


BA from The University of Alabama 1972

Major in Broadcast and Film Communications with Minor in Physics with additional study concentration in American Studies and higher mathematics

Military Education:

1973 ? Defense Information School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison

Information Specialist

1977 ? Personnel Specialist School, Fort Indian Town Gap

Career Positions


Senior Instructional Technologist, UAB Civitan International Research Center


Employee Communications Coordinator UAB University Hospital

Department of Education and Training, Communications Department

Editor of University Hospital Beacon Magazine, the official University Hospital employee magazine


Free?lance photographer and sales counselor, Camera World Inc. of Birmingham, Al.


UAB Public Affairs, Information Specialist and Intercom Magazine Editor (at that time, the primary employee news publication for UAB)


Information Specialist for 87th Maneuver Area command, and the 3345th U.S. Army Augmentation Hospital


Various free?lance photographic, artistic and journalistic consulting activities

Samples of Publications and Media 2002-2005

A the primary content designer for the UAB Civitan Center's web sites he has created hundreds of web pages and supporting materials to facilitate this portion of the Center's information dissemination activities. Web publications are accessed through the following primary domains:

•¨ http://www.circ.uab.edu/ (includes Sparks Clinics and MCH web sites)

•¨ http://www.mrrc.uab.edu/

•¨ http://www.neurobiology.uab.edu/

Additionally, he regularly assists in the preparation of brochures and videos about programs and activities. Some of these include:

•¨ ADHD Summer Treatment Program
(online: www.circ.uab.edu/Sparks/ADHD/docs/ADHD_051.pdf)

•¨ UAB AmeriCorps Recruitment and community support brochure

•¨ CIRC Research Overview Brochure

•¨ Several videos produced and edited by James Willett may be found in the Real Player format at: http://circ-uab.infomedia.com/content.asp?id=100807

Videos for 2002-2006 include:

•¨ Translational research on Rett Syndrome featuring Dr. Lucas Pozzo Miller, Ph.D.

•¨ Rett Syndrome and Oral History by Dr. Alan Percy (online)

•¨ Civitan Center 2003 and 2004 Reports

•¨ Pediatric Constrain Therapy presentations and documentation

•¨ Autism video clip studies for staff presentations

•¨ Meet Your Neighbor (also online version)

Media Streaming

Willett was instrumental in the implementation and testing of a Real Media Helix server to provide both media streaming and presentation streaming capabilities for the UAB Civitan Center.

Additional Highlights of Major Projects and Production Activities 1993-2002

2002 - Served as videographer, editor, and media consultant for Meet Your Neighbor video project funded through State of Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities.

2001 - Created and maintained initial public information web site for the UAB Mental Retardation Research Center


2001 - Served as Technical Coordinator and Staging Manager for UAB's participation in national 5-site U.S. Surgeon General's teleconference focusing on Health Disparities for Persons with Mental Retardation.

2001 - Coordinated and performed photography for Center's 10-year Commemorative Calendar

2001 - Created UAB Life Projects web site www.circ.uab.edu/life

2001 - Developed web site for UAB's new Pediatric Constraint Induced Therapy Clinic www.circ.uab.edu/Cit.htm

2000 - Assumed new role implementing web content for the UAB Department of Neurobiology

and providing media support for that department. Site includes management of numerous faculty sites and a major subside supporting the department's graduate and recruiting programs. http://www.neurobiology.uab.edu/

2000 - Designed and implemented Civitan Center's Regional Early Learning Projects web site www.circ.uab.edu/recp (this site is now offline)

2000 - Produced Annual Report video " A Decade of Discovery" highlighting activities of the Civitan Center and its collaborations past and present.

2000 - Designed and implemented new International Portage Association web site www.circ.uab.edu/ipa (this site is now offline)

2000 - Audio visual coordinator for International Portage Association 8th Biennial International Conference

2000 - Designed portable information displays for UAB Civitan Center and Alabama Child Care Consortium and maintained Consortium web site

1999 - Designed and implemented Alabama Child Care Consortium web site www.circ.uab.edu/childcare and developed and implemented information dissemination

1999 - Video director and producer for Celebrations of Community Project for Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities in association with People First. Produced, wrote and edited three videos (approx 1-hour combined length) and conducted video interviews throughout much of Alabama. Produced two broadcast quality PSAs for this project.

1999 - Developed and implemented UAB Sparks Clinics web site www.circ.uab.edu/sparks

1999 - Directed and edited Project Drive updated video with program participants on location.

1999 - Directed and edited Annual Report video "Hope for the Future" a look promising research related to developmental disabilities.

1998 - Directed and edited Project Drive information orientation video

1998 - Created project Drive web site www.circ.uab.edu/pdrive

1998 - Shot and edited "Stepping Stones" a video providing information for k-12 teachers on using augmentative communication in the classroom

1998 - Directed and edited Civitan center Annual Report video

1997 - Redesigned and implemented Civitan Center Web Site Information Dissemination Structure http://www.circ.uab.edu/

1997 - Directed and produced AmeriCorps Information Video

1997 - Directed and produced Civitan International Research Center Annual Video Report "Success Stories"

1997 - Child Development Brochure (Sparks Clinics)

1997 - American Indian Family Project Training Video

1997 - Nutrition Interdisciplinary Team Training Brochure

1996 - Shot and edited "Realizing Dreams: Inclusion in Oak Mountain School" s- video produced for State Department of Education under contract to Shelby County Schools

1996 - Head Start Transition Project training videos

1996 - Directed and produced "Baby Talk" , three audience participation live talk shows for video related to the UAB Mother and Family Specialty Clinic

1996 - Civitan International Research Center Annual Video Report

1996 - Civitan Research center Brochure (Norwegian)

1996 - Live Intercampus Teleconference of Simpson Ramsey Lecture (interactive in 4 cities)

1996 - Alabama DD Council Planning Council Brochure

1995 - American Indian Family Project training videos

1995 - Civitan Research Center Annual Video Report

1995 - Alabama ADD AmeriCorps Recruiting Brochures (for 3 states AL, GA, PA)

1995 - Titusville 2000 Summer activities brochure

1994 - Civitan International Research Center overview brochure (24 pages)

1994 - Civitan Research Center Annual Report

1994 - Sparks Clinics brochures (9 - bi-folds integrated design)

1994 - Honor Thy Father and Mother - design and production of an interactive multimedia computer 6-month installation in association with the Birmingham Museum of Art and Philadelphia Artist Lorenzo Pace.

1993 - Guide To Head Injuries (designed and produced detailed family manual)

1993 - AfterCare / wrote and directed video for seniors for Caraway Hospital, Bessemer, AL, produced by Birmingham based VideoCats.

1993 - Wilderness Dilemma (co-wrote and co-produced this story of the Bankhead Wilderness produced for Alabama Public Television}

1993 - PIN - Patient Information Network, training video produced for University of Alabama Hospital to introduce new computer patient information network