Allen Knehans, PhD

Oklahoma Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND)
College of Medicine
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
PO Box 26901, ROB 342
Oklahoma City, OK 73190-3042
Phone: 405-271-2113
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Last Updated: July 29, 2014

Allen Knehans

Discipline Coordinators: Nutrition
Discipline(s): Nutrition
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Research: Primary interest is in Nutrition support after pancreatic cancer surgery, Cardiovascular disease prevention in a Native American community, Diet and exercise interventions to treat claudication, and Grocery shopping and BMI.
Education: I teach the Introductory Nutrition course every semester, as along as an organic/biochemistry course, research methods online course, and graduate level courses in obesity and vitamins/minerals every year.
Service: I serve on the Fit Kids Coalition, a volunteer group of professionals charged with facilitating legislation affecting childhood obesity in the state.


Knehans, Allen William
David Ross Boyd Professor
EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.)
(if applicable)
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Ag. Chemistry
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Ag. Biochemistry
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Human Nutrition

•A. Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

Graduate Assistant, Biochemistry, University of Missouri
Postdoctoral Fellow, Food Science & Nutrition, Michigan State University
Assistant Professor, Human Development, OU-Norman
Assistant Professor, Clinical Dietetics, OUHSC
Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences, OUHSC
2008 - present
Full Professor, Nutritional Sciences, OUHSC
Chair, Nutritional Sciences, OUHSC
Other Experiences and Professional Memberships
Reviewer (grants in the obesity area), Grant Proposal Review Committee, Human Nutrition Program of the Competitive Research Grants Office, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Ad hoc Reviewer, various journals including J Nutrition, J Nutrition Education, Inter J Sport Nutrition
Senate appointee, State Task Force on Childhood Health (charged with reducing childhood obesity in State of Oklahoma, with particular emphasis on changes in school food service), State of Oklahoma.


Phi Lambda Upsilon - Honorary Chemical Society - University of Missouri
Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award - University of Missouri
Sigma Xi - University of Missouri
OU Associate's Distinguished Lectureship - College of Arts and Sciences, OU - Norman
OU Associate's Distinguished Lectureship - College of Arts and Sciences, OU - Norman
OU Associate's Distinguished Lectureship - College of Arts and Sciences, OU - Norman
Elected to Full Membership - American Institute of Nutrition (now American Society of Nutritional Sciences)
Outstanding Senior Faculty in Research Award - College of Allied Health, OU Health Sciences Center
Regents' Award for Superior Teaching - University of Oklahoma
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Presidential Professor - University of Oklahoma
College of Allied Health Student Council Outstanding Teacher Award - University of Oklahoma
OU Scholar-Athletes Most Inspiring Professor Award
David Ross Boyd Distinguished Professorship - University of Oklahoma
American Society for Nutrition Excellence in Nutrition Education Award
•B. Selected peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order).
Peer-reviewed Articles
•1. Wild, R. A., E. L. Taylor, A. W. Knehans, and V. Cleaver. Matriarchal model for cardiovascular prevention. Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey, 49: 127-132, 1994.
•2. Bemben, M. G., A. W. Knehans and S. R. Glore. Changes in the plantaris muscle as an indicator of alterations in lean body mass of obese Zucker rats following prolonged energy restriction and subsequent partial recovery. Euro J Applied Physiol 76, 277-281, 1997.
•3. Walker, L.S., M.G. Bemben, D.A. Bemben and A.W. Knehans. Chromium picolinate effects on body composition and muscular performance in wrestlers. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 30, 1730-1737, 1998.
•4. Moore, W. E., J. Yeh, A.W. Knehans, J. E. Eichner and E.T. Lee. Intermethod agreement and body fat estimates using skinfolds and a footpad-style bioelectrical impedance device. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science 3, 51-62, 1999.
•5. Bemben, M.G., D.A. Bemben, D.D. Loftiss and A.W. Knehans. Creatine supplementation during resistance training in college football athletes. Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise 33, 1667-1673, 2001.
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•7. Knehans, A.W. Childhood obesity: why is this happening to our children? J Okla State Medical Assoc. 95, 539-544, 2002.
•8. Bemben, D., T. Buchanan, M. Bemben, and A. Knehans. Influence of type of mechanical loading, menstrual status, and training season on bone density in young women athletes. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 18, 220-226, 2004.
•9. Cash, A. and A.W. Knehans. Low-carbohydrate diets: what should we recommend? J. Okla State Medical Association 97, 412-415, 2004.
•10. Carter, J.M., D.A. Bemben, A.W. Knehans, and M.G. Bemben. Does nutritional supplementation influence adaptability of muscle to resistance training in men aged 48 to 72 years. Journal Geriatric Physical Therapy, 28, 8-15, 2005.
•11. White, S.B., D.A. Bemben, A.W. Knehans, and M.G. Bemben. Effect of continuous passive motion (machine assisted) exercise as an alternative form of training on physiological profiles of women aged 40-65 years. J. Strength & Conditioning Research, 19, 634-639, 2005.
•12. Knehans, A.W. Meal and snack patterns. Portion size. Reduced fat food products. Restaurant prepared food. Four chapters in Dietary Influences and Critical Periods in the Development of Obesity. Center for Weight and Health, Woodward-Lopez, G., Ritchie, L., Gerstein D., Crawford, P., Senior Authors, 2005.
•13. Clary, S., C. Barnes, D. Bemben, A. Knehans, and M. Bemben. Effects of ballates, step aerobics, and walking on balance in women aged 50-75 years. J Sports Sci and Medicine 5, 390-399, 2006.
•14. Morrow, M.L., K.C. Heesch, M.K. Dinger, H.R. Hull, A.W. Knehans, and D.A. Fields. Freshman 15: Fact or fiction? Obesity 14, 1438-1443, 2006.
•15. Randall, NB, JL Han, MK Dinger, KC Heesch, DA Fields, and AW Knehans. Changes in women's
physical activity over their freshman year of college. Amer J Health Studies 22, 42-45, 2007.
•16. Eliot KA, AW Knehans, DA Bemben, MS Witten, J Carter, and MG Bemben. The effects of creatine and whey protein supplementation on body composition in men aged 48 to 72 years during resistance training. J Nutrition, Health, and Aging 12: 208-212, 2008.
•17. Turner PR, CE Burgin, KM Funderburg, J Van Grevenhof, and AW Knehans. Use of Personal Digital Assistants Among Dietitians and Dietetic Students in Oklahoma. J Allied Health 37: 196-202, 2008.
•18. Hull HR, MK Dinger, AW Knehans, DM Thompson, and DA Fields. Impact of maternal body mass index on neonate birth weight and body composition. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 198, 416e1-6, 2008.
C. Research Support
Current Research Support
Native Healthy Lifestyle: A Return to Balance Lee (PI) 9/01/06-8/31/11
National Institutes of Health
The project is a community responsive intervention to reduce cardiovascular risk in American Indians.
Role: Co-PI responsible for nutrition interventions aimed at reducing cardiovascular risk, in particular addressing weight management and reducing metabolic syndrome (10%).
Oklahoma Center on American Indian Diabetes Health Disparities Henderson (PI) 2008-2013
National Institutes of Health
Role: Consultant responsible for oversight of nutrition component of research projects (10%).