AUCD Network Directory

UCEDD Program:
Texas Center for Disability Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
Commons Learning Center
10100 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78758-4445
Main Phone:  512-232-0740
Toll Free Number:  800-828-7839
Main Fax:  512-232-0761
TTY:  512-232-0762
Main Email:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Amy Sharp, PhD 512-232-0745
Associate UCEDD Director Nina Zuna, PhD 512-232-0740
Lead Administrative Staff
Administrative Services Officer Aurora Muņoz 512-232-0740
Consultant Michelle Kuhn, Ph.D. 512-232-0740
Program Manager Mentor Trainer: The Learning Community on Person Centered Practices Jeff Garrison-Tate, M.Ed 512-232-0740
Program Manager Elizabeth Lewis 512-235-7203
Primary Activity Coordinators
Community Support Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Community Support Ana Canevaro, PhD 512-232-0773
Community Support Leah Davies, LMSW 512-232-0740
Community Support Jeff Garrison-Tate, M.Ed 512-232-0740
Community Support Janet Sharkis 512-501-0879
Community Support Nick Winges-Yanez 512-232-0744
Cultural Diversity Ana Canevaro, PhD 512-232-0773
Cultural Diversity Janet Sharkis 512-501-0879
Early Intervention Leah Davies, LMSW 512-232-0740
Early Intervention Janet Sharkis 512-501-0879
Information/Dissemination Maria Elena Salazar 512-232-0743
Information/Dissemination Janet Sharkis 512-501-0879
Parent/Consumer Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Parent/Consumer Jeff Garrison-Tate, M.Ed 512-232-0740
Pediatric Services Janet Sharkis 512-501-0879
Person Centered Planning Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Person Centered Planning Jeff Garrison-Tate, M.Ed 512-232-0740
Person Centered Planning Nick Winges-Yanez 512-232-0744
Research Janet Sharkis 512-501-0879
Research Nick Winges-Yanez 512-232-0744
Research Nina Zuna, PhD 512-232-0740
Technical Assistance Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment Susan Greene 521-232-0740
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Roger Levy, MA 512-232-0751
Assistive Technology Olivia Rains 512-232-0753
Education Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Parent/Family Resources Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Social Work Nick Winges-Yanez 512-232-0744
Special Education Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Special Education Ana Canevaro, PhD 512-232-0773
Special Education Amy Sharp, PhD 512-232-0745
Special Education Nina Zuna, PhD 512-232-0740
Specialty Resource Contacts
Community Education Person Centered Practices Mentor Trainer, The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices Founding Partner, the Institute for Person Centered Practices Trauma Informed Care Laura Buckner, M.Ed 512-232-0741
Program Manager, The Institute on Person Centered Practices Mentor Trainer: The Learning Community on Person Centered Practices Jeff Garrison-Tate, M.Ed 512-232-0740
Sexuality Education for People with I/DD; Special Interest Group: Sex and Disability Nick Winges-Yanez 512-232-0744
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Director, Texas Technology Access Program Roger Levy, MA 512-232-0751
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