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UCEDD Program:
Florida Center for Inclusive Communities
University of South Florida
Department of Child and Family Studies
College of Behavioral and Community Sciences
13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MHC 2113A
Tampa, FL 33612-3807
Main Phone:  813-974-3126
Toll Free Number:  866-818-4797
Main Fax:  813-974-6115
Main Email:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Lise Fox, Ph.D. 813-974-6100
Co-UCEDD Director Donald Kincaid, Ed.D. 813-974-7684
Associate UCEDD Director Elizabeth Perkins, PhD, RNLD 813-974-7076
Lead Administrative Staff
Administrative Specialist Dana Stanley, BA 813-974-9803
Assistant Director Kimberly Read, Ph.D. 813-974-7723
Behavior Analyst Elizabeth Cassell, MS 813-974-1696
Community Outreach Caseworker Vondenisia Armstrong 813-679-5498
Community Outreach Caseworker Johanna Cavallo 813-974-4909
Community Outreach Caseworker Sean Colin, Bachelors 813-974-4909
Community Outreach Caseworker Cynthia Cromartie Suttles, Bachelors 813-974-4909
Community Outreach Caseworker Rhonda Gully, HS 813-974-4909
Community Outreach Caseworker Rossana Vergara 813-974-4909
Community Outreach Caseworker/Home Visitor Gwen Nguyen, Master 813-974-4909
Conference Planner Donna Casella, B.S. 813-974-0627
Employment Supports Coordinator Community Advisory Committee Liaison Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Human Services Practitioner Katrina Emerich, M.Ed. 813-974-2103
Human Services Practitioner Katherine Langevin, M.Ed. 813-974-5370
Human Services Practitioner Lisa Osoria, Ed.S. 813-974-4033
Human Services Program Specialist Tamiki Lumpkin, BA 239-590-7769
Learning and Development Facilitator Jennifer Klue, BA 813-974-0688
Learning and Development Facilitator Lisa Knight, MS 813-974-9452
Learning and Development Facilitator Eunice Lopez, M.Ed. 813-974-9016
Post Doctoral Fellow Lauren Evanovich, Ph.D. 813-974-0627
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Kelli Henson, PhD 813-974-7684
Program Coordinator (Program Planner-Analyst) Laura Rodriguez Lopez, M.Ed. 813-974-3126
Research Assistant Professor Postdoctoral Research Scholar (previously) Laura Kern, JD/PhD 813-974-6440
Research Associate Professor Tracy Payne Jordan, PhD 813-974-4858
Staff Assistant Liuyan Yan, B.A. 813-974-4875
Statistical Data Analyst Daniel D. Souders, MBA 813-974-2642
Technical Assistant/FL PBIS Robyn Vanover, R.N. 772-631-3883
Trainer Coach Dana Pena, MS 813-974-1105
Training Director Jolenea Ferro, Ph.D. 813-974-7881
Primary Activity Coordinators
Adult Services Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Clinical Services Rose Iovannone, PhD 813-974-1696
Community Support Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Community Support Christopher Vatland, PhD 813-974-0452
Cultural Diversity Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Data Daniel D. Souders, MBA 813-974-2642
Distance Learning Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Distance Learning Jolenea Ferro, Ph.D. 813-974-7881
Information/Dissemination Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Parent/Consumer Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Person Centered Planning Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Discipline Coordinators
Education Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Parent/Family Resources Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Specialty Resource Contacts
Employment Supports Coordination Self-Advocacy Family Care Council Support Community Advisory Committee Liaison Community Partnerships and Engagement CODIE Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Health Coordinator Elizabeth Perkins, PhD, RNLD 813-974-7076
Visiting Psychologist Julianne Schmelter, Psy.D. 813-974-0819
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Assistant Director- FL HIPPY T&TA Center Dabaram Rampersad, MSC 813-974-2177
Behavior Analyst Rocky Haynes, MS 813-974-5890
Co-Director, Positive Behavior Support Project Heather George, PhD 813-974-6440
Director, Partnership for Effective Programs for Students with Autism (PEPSA) Donna Casella, B.S. 813-974-0627
Director, Project TSBA: Tiered System Behavior Analysts Kwang-Sun Blair, PhD 813-974-2129
Employment Supports Coordination Self-Advocacy Family Care Council Support Community Advisory Committee Liaison Community Partnerships and Engagement CODIE Brenda Clark, MS 813-974-2581
Executive Director, Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD); Director, The Learning Academy Director, The Learning Academy Employment Services Karen Berkman, PhD 813-974-4033
Human Services Practitioner Charisse Dawkins, MSW 813-974-0335
Human Services Practitioner Anna Winneker, Ph.D. 813-974-7067
Interdisciplinary Training Program Coordinator Laura Rodriguez Lopez, M.Ed. 813-974-3126
PI Discovery Certificate Course Tammy Jorgensen-Smith, Ph.D. 813-974-0973
PI, Examining the efficacy of a classroom-wide model for promoting social and emotional development in PreK children PI, National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center PI, National Training Institute Lise Fox, Ph.D. 813-974-6100
PI, Interdisciplinary Center for Evaluation & Intervention Rose Iovannone, PhD 813-974-1696
PI, OSEP Technical Assistance Center for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports; PI, Positive Behavior Support: Response to Intervention for Behavior Project PI, Florida Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education PI, Florida School Climate Transformation Grant Donald Kincaid, Ed.D. 813-974-7684
Trainer/Coach Program Wide Positive Behavior Support Erin Sizemore, M.A. Special Education 813-974-9016
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