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UCEDD Program:
Center on Disability and Development
Texas A&M University
Department of Educational Psychology
Harrington 637C
Mail Stop 4225
College Station, TX 77843-4225
Main Phone:  979-845-4612
Main Fax:  979-862-1256
Main Email:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Dan Zhang, Ph.D. 979-862-6514
Associate UCEDD Director Meagan Sumbera, Ph.D. 979-458-0169
Lead Administrative Staff
Affiliated Faculty Kimberly Vannest 979-862-3881
Assistant Director Laura Stough, Ph.D. 979-845-8257
Extension Service Rick Peterson, Ph.D. 979-845-1877
Program Assistant Aimee Day, B.S. 979-862-2913
Primary Activity Coordinators
Adult Services Tracy Glass 979-854-4461
Adult Services Jackie Pacha, Ph.D. 979-776-5505
Adult Services Meagan Sumbera, Ph.D. 979-458-0169
Early Intervention Jamilia Blake 979-862-8341
Early Intervention Marcia Montag Montague 979-458-0828
Early Intervention Julie Thompson , PhD 979-845-7423
Information/Dissemination Meagan Sumbera, Ph.D. 979-458-0169
Research Mack Burke 979-845-4619
Research Marcia Montag Montague 979-458-0828
Research Meagan Sumbera, Ph.D. 979-458-0169
Research Julie Thompson , PhD 979-845-7423
Research Kelly Wilson 979-845-3503
Training Director Laura Stough, Ph.D. 979-845-8257
Research Director Dan Zhang, Ph.D. 979-862-6514
Discipline Coordinators
Education Jamilia Blake 979-862-8341
Education Mack Burke 979-845-4619
Education Yuhong Ji 979-587-7635
Education Marcia Montag Montague 979-458-0828
Education Meagan Sumbera, Ph.D. 979-458-0169
Psychology Mack Burke 979-845-4619
Psychology Laura Stough, Ph.D. 979-845-8257
Special Education Tracy Glass 979-854-4461
Special Education Laura Stough, Ph.D. 979-845-8257
Special Education Meagan Sumbera, Ph.D. 979-458-0169
Specialty Resource Contacts
Adult services Jackie Pacha, Ph.D. 979-776-5505
Associate Professor of Special Education Jennifer Ganz, Ph.D. 979-862-2823
Communications Specialist Tanya Baker 979-862-4990
Interdisciplinary Training Director Disability Studies Emergency Preparedness Laura Stough, Ph.D. 979-845-8257
Professor of Special Education Dan Zhang, Ph.D. 979-862-6514
Program development experience in the areas family life, parenting, child care, and mental health Rick Peterson, Ph.D. 979-845-1877
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Agrability PATHS Texas Transition Conference Cheryl Grenwelge, Ph. D. 979-845-3727
Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living (BVCIL) Jackie Pacha, Ph.D. 979-776-5505
Career Technology Special Populations Training and Resource Education Center (CTSP Center), Agrability Rick Peterson, Ph.D. 979-845-1877
PATHS PROGRAM Andrei Cudnik, PATHS Certification 210-387-7136
Project REDD: Research and Education on Disability and Disaster Aggie Guide Dogs and Service Dogs Laura Stough, Ph.D. 979-845-8257
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