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UCEDD Program:
Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED)
West Virginia University
959 Hartman Run Road, Research Park
Morgantown, WV 26505
Main Phone:  304-293-4692
Toll Free Number:  888-829-9426
Main Fax:  304-293-7294
TTY:  800-518-1448
Main Email:

Annual Report: West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities 2016

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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Lesley Cottrell, Ph.D. 304-293-4692
LEND Director Margaret Jaynes, MD 304-293-2341
Lead Administrative Staff
Administrative Assistant Senior Lisa Uphold 304-293-4278
Assistant Director Jack Stewart, MSW 304-293-4692
Assistant Director Teresa McCourt, BS. MSSL, LSW 304-720-3200
Manager, Communications Melina Danko, MS 304-293-4692
Primary Activity Coordinators
Data Donna Brewer, MEd 304-293-4692
Information/Dissemination Melina Danko, MS 304-293-4692
Training Director Courtney Lanham, MSW 304-293-4692
Research Director Valerie Frey-McClung, M.A. 304-293-4692
Discipline Coordinators
Neurology Margaret Jaynes, MD 304-293-2341
Neurology Jodi Lindsey, MD 304-293-1217
Nutrition Monica Andis, MS, RD, LD 304-293-4692
Occupational Therapy Anne Cronin, Ph.D. 304-293-0443
Pediatrics Mary Beth Hummel, Dr. 304-293-7332
Physical Therapy Mary Beth Mandich, Ph.D., PT 304-293-1320
Psychology: Developmental Susannah Poe, Ed.D. 304-293-1339
Social Work Diane Williams, MSW 304-293-4692
Speech-Language Pathology Karen Haines, MS 304-293-2477
Specialty Resource Contacts
Curriculum Development Coordinator Diane Williams, MSW 304-293-4692
Data Coordinator Donna Brewer, MEd 304-293-4692
Dissemination/Public Relations Manager Melina Danko, MS 304-293-4692
IT/Facility Manager Jack Stewart, MSW 304-293-4692
Professional Development Coordinator Jennifer Tenney, MA 304-293-4692
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Clinic Coordinator - Lend Jennifer Forester, M.S.W. 304-293-1244
Clinic Coordinator - UCEDD Misty Moore 304-293-4692
Feeding and Swallowing Clinic Monica Andis, MS, RD, LD 304-293-4692
Intensive Autism Service Delivery Clinic/ FIT Program Manager Susannah Poe, Ed.D. 304-293-1339
MCH/LEND Next Steps Clinic Margaret Jaynes, MD 304-293-2341
MODIFY Program Manager Tina Faber, MSW 304-720-3200
Music Therapist Katie Martin, MEMT 304-293-4692
Paths for Parents Program Manager Lori Heginbotham, MEd 304-293-4692
PBS Program Manager Lashanna Brunson, MS, BCBA 304-293-4692
SFC Program Manager Michele Mount, MSW 304-293-4692
TBI Program Manager Brandi Robinson, MSW 304-293-4692
WIPA Program Manager Jennifer Tenney, MA 304-293-4692
WVATS Program Manager Jessi Wright 304-293-4692
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